List of seven on Sunday: 1.2

1. I have been feeling bad for Luke the pug lately. Ever since I announced I was pregnant and said Luke “is just moving lower and lower on the totem pole” I have felt kind of sad for him. So I started taking more pictures of him. And giving him more pug snacks. He’s really going to need to bulk up over the next few months so when the new baby comes and neither Jan or I can remember if we fed him or not he will at least have a little cushion.

Err? Are you talking about me?

2. On Monday I  finally took Lance to get his picture taken at a portrait studio. It was almost an epic fail. My normally well-behaved little boy put up quite a fit when we arrived. He cried immediately and would not unleash his tight little death grip from around my neck. I seriously did not see it coming either. He is normally so chill and cooperative, but when it came to getting these pictures taken he was not willing to play along. Tear-swelled eyes, snot-nosed, and red-faced later we walked out without one single shot. I left the studio devastated and totally annoyed with him. Luckily the girl at the studio said she did not have an appointment after Lance so if we wanted to walk around the mall for a few minutes and come back she would try again. I agreed and soon found myself perusing the Hallmark store. No sooner had I entered when his sullen mood instantly turned happy upon spotting a little stuffed monkey on the shelf.

“Monkey, monkey!” he pleaded.

Great, now I’m going to reward him? I thought as I made the transaction. Not only that, but I broke the rule I made for myself about not buying anything for him while he is with me. So much for playing hard ball. But darn-it I wanted those pictures and if the monkey was the solution, so be it.

Monkey in tow we headed back to the studio for round two. Let’s just say he wasn’t 100% cooperative, but she did end up getting some really cute shots in between fits. The stupid innocent monkey ended up in half the shots, something I was not thrilled about, but I guess it will be a good reminder to me in the future so I can tell him the story of how bad he was getting his picture taken. Boys.

3. Lance is still a complete chatterbox. He is saying more sentences, too. Two of his favorite sentences start with “I see…” and “I need…” For example, when we were going for a walk he said, “I see the moon.” And when I got him up from his nap the other day he said, “I need Mama.” MELT MY HEART. Forgiven for the picture incident.

4. As the first trimester of my pregnancy comes to an end I think my running routine will as well. I have been comfortably able to maintain a few runs per week to this point at a slower pace and less distance, but I am starting to get to the point where I would rather walk (or sit on the couch). Ideally, I will run for the next two weeks until I leave for Germany and then make the transition to walking. It is nice to take a break from running from time to time, but I know I will miss it, too. Prenatal yoga once/week and walking a few times/week will have to suffice for now.

5. Lance is now the proud owner of a family of magnets. And not just any family — his family. Check it out. We are all there… Mommy, Papa, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. He calls us his “people.”

I got this really cool idea from another Mommy blog here… and she got it from another blog so I am not exactly sure where it originated, but it is a darn good idea. All you have to do is cut out pictures of the people you want to include and buy a flat sheet of magnet with a sticky side. Then you lay the pictures on the magnet and cut them out. Voila! Magnetic storyboard!

Lance loves carrying everyone around and move us from cookie sheet to fridge and back again. So far, we have not lost anyone, though Grandpa Bob was missing for a day or so. I am planning to take the magnets and cookie sheet in the car with us for our next trip to PA. Hoping they will provide an extended period of entertainment. I am also planning to keep adding people. Our family is huge and we have not even got started on friends yet. Lance is going to have an army of “people” by the end of the summer.

6. I found these seriously delicious and healthy cookies at the grocery store last week called WhoNu?. The package boasts as much fiber as a bowl of oatmeal, as much Calcium and Vitamin D as an 8 oz. glass of milk, and as much Vitamin C as a cup of blueberries. Sign me up. Seriously. Sign me up. I have such a sweet tooth, yet I am mindful of how much junk food I consume (except for the two donuts I ate after lunch yesterday) so this is a dynamite find. I even feel good about giving some to Lance. WHO KNEW?!

 7. We have recently had a few play dates… one with Lance’s friend Xavier and one with his friend Katherine.

Ahhh, yeah! We got cupcakes.

Cool dudes about to make a HUGE mess.

Playing so nicely together.

Lance wearing girl stuff. Katherine loving it!

Katherine showing Lance how it’s done.

Lance following her lead.

“Swimming” in the pool.

She’s really getting a kick out of his ridiculous get-up.

Back to wearing his hat… getting some help from K.

Playing chase.

And that makes seven!

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4 thoughts on “List of seven on Sunday: 1.2

  1. I love the magnet idea! I’m gonna have to steal that one. and I’ve seen the ad for those WhoNu cookia and thought they sounded disgusting. I’m glad to hear they’re actually tasty. I might actually give them a try.

  2. Your photos are too cute. The kids are adorable! And the magnet idea is genius. I think I might just have to make a set of “people” for myself too. Forget the fact that I’m about…. oh, 20 years older than Lance. 🙂

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