List of seven on Sunday: 1.3

1. I took the cutest picture of Haley, Reese & Lance in our hammock last summer. Last weekend we recreated the pose and took another picture.

Look how much these kiddos have changed in one year.

2. Lance can now say “big brother” when I prompt him. Although it sounds more like “big brudder.”

Donning his “big brudder” t-shirt.

I would say he is this excited about his upcoming role, but a big utility truck was in front of our house tinkering with a telephone pole and this is pretty much his reaction to every “big truck” we see.

3. Lance and I ventured to Smith Mountain Lake on Monday to swim with Christie, Reese & friends. We had a beautiful day on the lake.

4. And then… because… sometimes… when you see a dock leading into a beautiful lake… you just gotta… take a running start… and… JUMP!

Smith Mountain Lake – July 16, 2012

5. Ok, this might be a little gross to discuss, but Lance is now fascinated by watching Luke go “poopy” when we go on pug walks. He stares with no shame. He points with unawareness. He says, “poopy, poopy” when the deed is done. In some ways I am glad he is learning what’s it all about. Heck, he even tells me when he himself goes poopy sometimes. This is all exciting for a Mama b/c maybe just maybe he’ll potty train early… like say, this fall/winter before the baby arrives. That would be great. No pressure, Lance.

6. On Thursday we went on a field trip to the Natural Science Center of Greensboro with The Day School. We waited in long lines for the bathrooms, pet the animals outside, sweat our butts off in the heat, watched a show about Dinosaurs in the air-conditioning, and then let the kids run loose in the play area. We didn’t get to do nearly everything the center has to offer, but we had a great day with friends.

7. This week’s List is coming at you live from The Big Apple! I have been in NYC all weekend with some girlfriends, and I am bantering from the hotel quick before we head back out into the city for a few more hours of fun. Including a favorite picture from the weekend… more to come.


And that makes seven!

The Banter Lady

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