List of seven on Sunday: 1.4

1. When I got back from New York City last Sunday evening I gave Lance a little bus with people on it that I picked up for him in a children’s store. I thought it a fitting gift since public transportation is popular and important in NYC. He LOVES this bus. He constantly carries it around and puts the people in and out of the seats while “Vroom, vrooming.” He will also respond when I ask him what the people on the bus do by stating, “Up and down!” Then I usually break into an obnoxious rendition of “The people on the bus go up and down, up and down, up and down…” It tears him up every time.

Lance is SO excited about his new bus. Luke is rather indifferent.

2. Big guy had his 18-month check-up last Tuesday. If you are one of those stats people he weighted in at 25.4 lbs. and measured 31 in. tall. Just don’t ask me what percentage he is in a growth chart because I have no clue. I never ask, and I have never been into plotting him on a chart to compare with the rest of the world. I know that he is growing at his own rate, and that is all that really matters to me.

Waiting for the doctor.

3. Speaking of growth, Baby #2 is now roughly the size of a navel orange as we head into week 15. Grow baby, grow!

4. Lance wore only a diaper for our after dinner pug walk on Thursday night. Clothes are totally unnecessary in this rabid heat. Especially when you look cute in a diaper. For me, not so much these days, but Lance can totally pull it off. The funny thing is he refused to go out without his hat on. Clothes? Who cares! Hat? Gotta have it.

Less is more when it comes to wearing clothes in the summer. Freedom!

5. Every night before I go to bed I tiptoe into Lance’s room to give him a kiss goodnight. Like most mother’s I am sure, I lean over his crib, peak lovingly at him, rub his back, cover him up, touch his cheek, and then gently kiss him before heading to bed. Lately, I have been noticing that it is getting harder and harder to lean down for the kiss because my bump gets in the way of clearing the crib bar. This leads me to wonder how much longer I am physically going to be able to lean down and kiss him good night. I’m thinking a step stool might be in my future to give my belly a little more clearance. And suggestions? And what do short people do about this problem? Better yet, what do short, pregnant women do about this problem? His crib is as low as it will go so it’s already kind of a stretch for me.

6. We got to see Madeleine this weekend!! She is changing so much and getting cuter by the minute.

Most notably, big girl decided to start crawling yesterday! My brother and Marisa were astounded when Jan opened a book she wanted and started reading it to Lance. She made an immediate surge toward the book and crawled on over to listen to the story with cousin, Lance. All is takes is something to motivate a baby and they will crawl. In Madeleine’s case, Brown Bear, Brown Bear was the motivational object of choice. Yay, Madeleine! I am so glad I got to witness this milestone.

Lance is obsessed with kissing Madeleine.

Making memories with Keefe, Marisa, and Madeleine.

7. My Mom, Lance, and I are flying to Germany at 8:20 PM tonight!?!

Yippee! Yikes! Yippee, Yikes-Yikes!

Praying for a non-stressful, easy flight across the ocean. May our flights operate on time, the weather cooperate, and Lance sleep on the flight.

And that makes seven!

More later from Germany,

The Banter Lady

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3 thoughts on “List of seven on Sunday: 1.4

  1. Awww, such a happy chap! Definitely, less is more during the summer time. I just gave my little one his second haircut since he sweats a lot these days.

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