List of sieben on Sonntag: 1.5

1. So much has happened in the last week. So much rich content at my fingertips to pull from. So much possibility of where to start.

Let’s start with my flights to Germany.


This is how Lance rolled on our Transatlantic flight…

But, oh.

Oh, oh, oh… if oh-nly if that were true…

He actually hardly slept at all (much to my dismay) on our overnight flight. Although, I cannot complain because he was not entirely disruptive; he just would not settle down in the baby basinette that he has obviously outgrown since our last overseas flight in December. Everything was so much more interesting on this trip… the plane, the people, the meals. He did not want to miss a thing, and thus became totally punch-drunk in a slightly manic, sleep-deprived kind of way (or maybe that was me?). Of course by the time he finally did settle down, it was time to land.

During our layover in Munich he was a total angel and played quietly with his new mini-ambulance and fire truck (thank you, Aunt Marisa!) while watching the planes. I actually wouldn’t know because I was laying in a semi-conscious state on a bench while my Mother watched him and snapped this picture. All I know was, I was super tired and he was quiet.

He completely passed out in my arms in-flight to Berlin, but rallied once we landed and he was able to reunite with Oma and Opa.

Hallo Deutschland!

2. Upon our arrival, we had our first tasty German meal — schnitzel und gemuse — with Oma, Opa, Tante Peggy, Onkel Jörg, and Cousine Nina. Then we all went for a walk down to the Geierswalder See where we have spent so much of our time so far… swimming, playing in the sand, and drinking up the delicious summer sunshine. Not too hot here, not too cold… jussssst right.
3. We had dinner one night at Zur Grubenlampe in Geierswalde. Lance wasted no time at an attempt to order a Bier.
“Ich möchte ein Bier bitte.”
4. I love my niece and nephews. They are so sweet to Lance.
Nina is seven, Jonas (blond hair) just turned 11, and Josef (brown hair) is nine.
5. We have taken two day trips since our arrival.
First, Opa Frank took my Mom and I to Lutherstadt Wittenberg where we were able to experience the city of Martin Luther.
Two Lutherans sitting at an outdoor cafe… behind us is the Castle Church where Marin Luther nailed is 95 theses to the door.
Second, we journeyed to the Spreewald region where we took a flat-bottomed river boat through the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve.
Here we are on the boat after eating lunch at one of the many river Cafe’s and Biergarten’s nestled along the over 200 small channels.
My mom kicked back and embraced the German culture by indulging in some herb liquor. Go Granny!
Lance entertained us by making his “sleepy face,” which originated on the flight over when he refused to go to sleep. When I would ask him to close his eyes and go to sleep, this is pretty much the response I got…
6. I am typing this week’s List of seven on a German computer, thus a German keyboard. So I get to use cool symbols and letters like ß or Ö or Ä or µ if I want to. The displacement of the “y” and “z” had me tripped up at first, and it took me forever to find the @ symbol, but I think I have the hang of it now.
7. Watching the Olympics this year has been interesting. Everything is in German (duh) and it is all about the German athletes (double duh!!). Ironically, a Britta captured the first German medal of the 2012 London Olympics. Britta Hiedemann won the silver medal in fencing. Way to go lady with my name!
I have no idea what is going on with the USA this year. I miss watching women’s gymnastics the most so I am actually going to try to catch some of the team competition later today. That is if I am reading the TV Guide correctly. I could just go online and read a newspaper in English or watch BBC or CNN since those two channels are in English here, but I kind of prefer living in my “ignorance is bliss” little bubble for the next ten days. Plus, isn’t total immersion the secret to learning a new language anyway?
And that makes seven!
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2 thoughts on “List of sieben on Sonntag: 1.5

  1. Love, love, love your post!!! I got a major chuckle out of Lance’s sleepy face! 🙂 Keep having a fab time girl!!

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