List of sieben on Sonntag: 1.6

1. Still in Germany here. And, yay! Jan arrived in Deutschland on Thursday as scheduled.

My Mom flew back to the U.S. at 7:05 a.m. that same day, and Jan’s flight landed at 12:10 p.m.

I jokingly told him, “Talk about the best mother-in-law visit ever!” They never even saw each other.

Lance is so happy to see his Papa. I thought about trying to take a picture of them reuniting in the airport, but the moment was too precious to miss. I took it all in sans a camera.

Lot’s of make-up hugs this week…

Miss you already, Mom!

Thanks for flying over ahead of time with me and helping with Lance so we could have more time here. I know it was a rough time 😉

2. The above photo was taken on Oma and Opa’s boat, Jojonila. The name of the boat, Jojonila, is derived from the names of their four grandchildren… Jonas, Josef, Nina, and Lance.

Lance took it upon himself to give the boat a spin. The only problem was that all he wanted to do was keep turning the wheel in one direction as far as it would go. This resulted in us going in circles and me getting quite dizzy.

I had to include the next picture of Lance eagerly waiting from Oma and Opa to come back off the marina when we returned. They needed extra time to secure the boat, and quite frankly Lance was making me too nervous to stay out on the dock any longer. So we waited… and he watched… in his baby Speedo… with his hands clasped behind his back…

Love this photo!

3. After our boat ride there has much discussion about the next two letters that will be painted onto Jojonila. Hmmm, what will the fifth grandchild be named? Oma bought a German baby name book for me, and we have been having fun looking through the book. Opa’s only request is that the name we choose must sound good added onto Jojonila. Jojonila?

4. Lance is picking up many new German words and phrases. It is amazing to watch him respond to people in both English and German with ease. He comprehends directives in both languages with no problem.

A few of his favorite German phrases and words are:

* kucke mal (look now)

* prost (cheers)

* warten, Nina (wait, Nina)

* winke winke (to wave goodbye)

* kaputt (broken)

* Kopf (head)

* Bauch (belly)

* hellblau (light blue)

* wo bist du? (where are you?)

* Käse (cheese)

* entschuldigung (excuse me)

I hope we can keep our bilingual boy well versed in both languages through the years.

5. Before my Mom left we took this picture. Lance has seriously been spoiled triple-time over the last few weeks. What am I going to do back in Danville when he only has my face to look at all day?!

6. We have been able to spend so much quality time with family. It is overwhelmingly rich and wonderful and memorable. I am so thankful for these moments.

Onkel Hans and Tante Christina loved interacting with Lance.

7. Thank goodness Germay is six hours ahead of the U.S. This bought me more time to finalize this week’s post and get it published at a reasonable hour (in the U.S.).

We have been so busy, and I have so much more to write about next week. Our few days in Berlin, fußball matches in the garden, spending time with more family and friends, celebrating Oma & Opa’s 40th wedding anniversary… the list goes on!

But for now, all is good. All is so, so good.

And that makes seven!


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2 thoughts on “List of sieben on Sonntag: 1.6

  1. Lance is such a cutie! Also, I learned in a linguistics class that the optimal age for kids to learn new languages is before the age of 8 so you guys are definitely doing it right. With some regular exposure and practice, I’m sure he’ll retain at least some basics in future years.

    • For sure! It would also help if I could become a little more conversational in German. I know many vocabularly words and some of the basics, but I am nowhere near fluent. Perhaps we will keep learning together!

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