List of seven on Sunday: 1.8

1. Lance has been waking up from almost all of his naps lately and saying, “Big Krokodil” (pronounced crock-o-deal) with big, wide eyes full of wonder and concern as soon as I walk in the room. Krokodil is the German word for crocodile and inevitably one of the many words he has retained from our trip to Germany. The funny part is we don’t own a crocodile anywhere in our home; I couldn’t even find a picture of one in any of his books, and I don’t remember him learning this word on our trip. I am guessing Oma or Opa might have shown him a picture or read him a book with a “Big Krokodil” in it because he is obsessed. Occasionally, he follows his concern over a “Big Krokodil” in his room (or dreams) with a “Big Pumpkin.” I’m at a total loss here, but feel the need to document the absurdity  imaginative abilities of his psyche during these moments. And I am doing my best to be a good Mommy and feed his curiosity. We have now spent countless afternoons after nap-time surfing The Net for pictures of “Big Krokodil’s.”

Website for this image

2. Most recent family picture, taken in Blacksburg last weekend before our friend’s wedding…

Petrich Family of 3.5

3. I have a confession to make. We have dirty windows in our house. REALLY dirty windows. We’re talking 3+ years full of dirt, dust, and yuck. It’s true, I have never once cleaned a window (except over the kitchen sink) in this poor rental home since we moved in over three years ago. What can I say? Windows aren’t my thing. To this point, it’s really not been a problem either. I have gotten really good at ignoring it and completely blocking out the reality of just how disgusting they’ve gotten. But something about all these need-to-nest pregnancy hormones are gnawing at my desire to do something about it. I’m tempted to hire someone. I just don’t want to deal. Not here. Not now. Not ever.

But in talking to Jan about this problem, he agreed to help. We’d pick a Saturday, put on some good music, order pizza, and attack the windows during Lance’s nap. We agreed that some Saturday after Labor Day (and after our pool closes for the season… duh) we will make an attempt. I still kind of want to hire someone, but we’ll see… Or maybe we could have a party and design a window-cleaning contest where we bribe a bunch of our friends to come over and assign everyone a window. We could set the timer, give prizes, serve beers, the works. Hmmm….

4. Speaking of friends, a bunch of my girlfriends and some of our kids went out for a PG-rated birthday celebration at Chick-fil-A for my friend Ashley before she and some of the girls headed off for a wine weekend in Charlotte. The funny part about our lunch was that on the surface we looked like a wholesome group of young mothers with our children. We even managed to coordinate and pose for a rare group photo.

But what the common bystander didn’t know was that THIS had happened underneath our table not long before we took the above photo.

A few of us brought Ashley some small gifts, including one bottle of red wine from Jessica. Being noon on a Thursday in a family style restaurant owned by non-drinking Mormons, we truly had no intention of breaking (no pun intended) the bottle open right then and there, but as lunches go with eight little ones there was a little too much foot traffic in and out of the table, which ultimately resulted in a broken bottle of unopened red wine and the smell of Merlot that permeated so strong in the entire restaurant you didn’t even need my ultra-heightened, pregnant sense of smell to catch a whiff of.

Boy did we laugh. And laugh and laugh… all through the kind-hearted employee Debra’s mopping up to the hysterical drunk-acting minister who sauntered by our table not long after the spill.

5. On a more sobering note, I’m still rooting through hundreds of pictures from Germany. I keep coming back to this one though… There’s just something about my little boy wearing a backpack with a Lion’s head on it, scooting along on a bike out to Oma and Opa’s garden full of fun possibilities that makes me smile. The flowers are in bloom out ahead. You can see part of the big tables all pushed together with Lance’s high chair (that used to be his Papa and Onkel Joerg’s) sitting at the head just waiting for the next big family meal.

What you can’t see is the baby bird’s nest Lance just rode under in the walkway out to the garden nestled smartly above the doorway in a weather-protected area where five baby birds (baby Vogels) resided. Lance adored saying good morning and good night to the baby Vogels each day, and I can see it in my mind when I look at this picture. He would even courteously say, “Sshhh, baby Vogel sleeping” on certain occasions.

What you can’t see is that to the right of the edges of this photo was a baby pool for Lance to swim and play in. You can’t see that on the other side of the tables there was a tent for hide and seek and a small fish pond full of hungry fish that Lance loved to feed. What you can’t see is the soccer field on past the baby pool where countless family matches took place during our visit. Or the beautiful fruit and vegetable garden beyond the soccer field or the clothesline where our clothes hung and flapped to dry in the warm summer breeze.

But when I look at this photo I can see all of these things, which is why I love it so much. It reminds me of all the beautiful memories we shared in Oma and Opa’s garden this summer.

6. We are having one of those weekends this weekend.

On Friday night we had the neighbor girls, over and I shamelessly snuggled under a big blanket with them and watched the movie Mirror Mirror. 

Then my family & I slept in until (gasp) 8:30 AM on Saturday morning. When we awoke, we lazily stuffed ourselves to contentment with Jan’s pancakes. Lance rode his new tricycle all over the neighborhood and back a million times. Jan built tunnels and tents for Lance in the living room while I wrote and stayed in my pajamas until we got ready to go to dinner with friends that night.

Today, we went to church and now we are home for the rest of the day. We just had a quality video chat with Oma & Opa. At this point, I foresee some rubbing-my-belly couch time in my future. I’m starting to feel those little flutters and first kicks, thus making me want to lay on the couch and connect a little with this new being inside of me. Today marks 18 weeks 🙂

Ahh yes, it is one of those weekends where I am completely relaxed and enjoying the time with my growing family.

7. In the spirit of Virginia Tech’s first football game a week from tomorrow night, I am including a picture of Lance wearing the new VT hat I bought for him. He calls it the “Hokie Bird hat.” Such a smart boy. He’ll even say, “Go Hokies!” enthusiastically.

Let’s go! Ho-kies!

And that makes seven!


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