List of seven on Sunday: 1.9

1. This week Lance has been busy learning to ride his new trike. So far, he just gets on and off about a million times and continually needs pushed, but he’s learning… one pedal go round at a time.

2. Lance starts back to “school” (aka Parents Morning Out or PMO) on September 10th so that means I will have two free mornings/week again. He’s pretty much been attached to me at the hip since the end of July. It’ll be good for him to have some time away from Mommy with his friends at The Day School. We went to his Open House on Thursday night to fill out paperwork and talk to the teachers. In completing one of the behavioral questionnaires, I solicited Jan’s help.

I asked, “Is Lance helpful?”

“No,” he stated without hesitation.

“Is he generous?”

“No,” he said.

“Does he share?”

“Not really.”

I thought about these questions and the matter-of-fact tone with which Jan responded. As his Mommy I would like to think that Lance is all of these things… helpful, generous, and one who shares. But in reality he is a (almost) 20-month-old who constantly makes messes (not helpful), poops in his pants (not helpful), needs buckled and unbuckled in his carseat (not helpful), wouldn’t willingly give someone a bite of his cookie (not generous), and doesn’t give up toys easily (except on rare occasions when asked), etc. etc.

A day later I saw this posted on a blog I was reading…

Source: Unknown

I thought to myself I guess it better to be honest about your child then pretend they are all those desirable traits you hope them to be one day. Then I continued to ponder and purposefully reminded myself that it is my job over the next 17 years to teach him all of those things and more. This year we will work on being helpful, generous, and one who shares.

3. During my free time when Lance is at PMO, I will be devoting a little more time to The Guide to Modern Family Blogging. The Guide is the other blog I write for and maintain with my friend Luke. Luke has been holding down the fort while I was off galavanting in Germany, but we’ve managed to maintain a regular weekly blogging prompt and have even begun to network with other family bloggers. Please help me spread the word by sharing our link, signing up for weekly prompts, and liking us on Facebook.

My next post will be a simple tutorial for creating an iMovie.

5. We went to our pool yesterday for what might be the last day this year. The pool closes for the season tomorrow, and I am not sure what the weather will do.

I got in a few last pictures of Lance and Jan playing in the pool…

Lance and King of the Baby Pool (aka Papa)… love those little toes.

6. This morning we made an impromptu trip to the Mill Mountain Zoo in Roanoke with The Tracy’s, who met us there from Blacksburg. I didn’t take too many pictures of the animals, but I did snap this one of all six kids at the overlook.

The Star City

And this one of Gus & Teddy eating corn dogs in a wagon. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a picture of twins eating corn dogs in a wagon?!

7. Fall is in the air. I can smell it. I can smell it through the heat and humidity that still persists this weekend. The air is thick, but I can smell it. With the onset of college football and the noticeably shorter days, fall is coming. I’ve had the itch to do a fun fall craft, which is odd because I am not super into crafts or DIY projects. However, I’ve had the itch. I blame it on the pregnancy.

Low and behold the other day I came across this picture of a “Mumkin” on a blog. It smiled at me, and I instantly knew this would be my fall project. Maybe you will make one, too? I mean seriously how cute is this? And it looks relatively easy to make. And Lance can help dig out the pumpkin seeds! Win-win.

And that makes seven!


The Banter Lady

Editor’s Note: My kind mother pointed out after I made this post that I skipped #4 this week. Ooops! Instead of trying to go back and fix it, I will throw in a bonus next week to make up for it. As always, “Thanks Mom!”

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