List of seven on Sunday: 2.0

1. A few weeks ago, as a special treat (for both me, the pregnant, and Lance, the kid), I went through the drive-thru at Wendy’s and picked up lunch. I got Lance a kid’s meal, and the toy was two pairs of black-rimmed glasses. Even though they are Where’s Waldo? glasses, they could easily double as Harry Potter glasses, which is totally fitting this week in our house. Jan and I just finished watching the seventh and final Harry Potter movie, The Deathly Hallows. Now my mission is complete – I’ve finally read and watched all seven books/movies. God bless Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Who has been drinking polyjuice potion in my house?

2. On Monday night we went and watched the first VT game with friends. The funniest moment of the night for me occurred when my friend Jessica’s husband leaned over to my friend Erin’s husband and whispered so no one could hear “Is Erin’s shirt on backwards?” Then John (Erin’s husband) called her over and pretended to whisper something in her ear, except when he leaned in he pulled up the tag in the “front” of her shirt. “Yep, it’s on backwards,” he said loud enough for everyone to hear. We all roared with laughter because none of us, particularly Erin, noticed this minor detail. And what made it funnier was that all of us girls sitting on the couch all have that same VT shirt and still didn’t notice!

Erin, the good sport that she is, owned it the rest of the night and didn’t bother to turn the shirt around. A true sign of good friends — she wasn’t embarrassed and laughed right along with us.

It was an orange effect game. Obviously.


Thankfully, VT pulled out the W. It was a harrowing escape from defeat, but as her shirt says, “We are Virginia Tech.” And, occasionally, we do wear our shirts backwards. Thankfully, this week’s game wasn’t so stressful. VT is 2-0!


3. Holy moly cow I am 20 weeks pregnant today! It’s getting seriously serious. This week I am officially over the half-way point. I have so much more to write about and say about where I am at physically and emotionally with this pregnancy, but I need to do some freewriting (read: unedited, uncensored) about this journey, and then see if I want to publish some of my more personal thoughts on the topic. I am feeling good, but I have about a million things running through my head that I am sure would make a lovely post once uncluttered from my mind. The trouble is I just don’t have the time to get it all out right now. I know I sound like I am making excuses, but I want to do some honest reflecting and turn it into an organized, cohesive post instead of rampant thoughts. Stay tuned!

Lance loves to hug and kiss “Mama’s baby.”

4. On Thursday Lance and I went to Roanoke to visit Marlene, who is like a professional mentor, a dear friend, a second Mother, and one of my all time favorite people wrapped into one person. When I was a freshman at Virginia Tech I was a student in one of her classes. Then when I went back to teach at VT years later I worked for and with her. So basically since I was 18 years old I have had a valuable relationship with Marlene.

She keeps her grandson Nathan on Thursday’s so Lance had a playmate for our visit. When we arrived Marlene had a fruit grinder all prepped and full of delicious fresh fruit she had cooked that morning so he could help her make applesauce (or “Apfelmus” in German as Lance likes call it).

After lunch we took a walk to a nearby arboretum to look at the plants and flowers.

Lance and Nathan looking for fish.

We left in the afternoon feeling happy and content and healthy and like everything is right with the world because that is how visits with Marlene work for me. The woman is amazing and someone I admire beyond measure. Over the last 14 years, I have learned so much from her and treasure our conversations. She has been so good to me and the genuine care and wisdom with which she mentored me  through the years is something I cherish.

5. Story hour at the library started up again for the fall on Friday. I took Lance to listen to the stories and then pick out some books to take home. He’s a little young for some of the stories and we never stay for the craft because I would end up doing the whole thing, but he loves to play with the puzzles and look at different books when the stories are over.

This week we picked out several new books to bring home. His two favorites so far are about trucks (Byron Barton) and Winnie the Pooh. I also wishfully grabbed one about the potty as we were leaving. Lance is talking a big game about the potty these days, but we’ve yet to see any action…

6. We also started Kindermusik last week, which is a baby/toddler music class that stimulates a child’s mind, body, and sense of play through sound and movement. The theme this fall is Cookies and Milk. We have only had one class so far, but Lance seems to love it. We’ve been doing Kindermusik now for over a year and the music CDs are invaluable — especially on long car rides.

7. On Friday night I had Book Club with a bunch of my Danville friends. We all read Kelle Hampton’s memoir, Bloom: Finding beauty in the unexpected. The book is about how she coped and came to terms with unexpectedly giving birth to a child with Down syndrome two years ago. In Bloom she gives an honest look at the grief she faced from disappointment to sadness and how ultimately she learned to love and accept her daughter Nella as one of her greatest gifts.

At book club we could have sat around talking about this beautiful and inspiring book all night. The three and a half hours we did spend together was a wonderful celebration of enjoying each other’s friendship and exchanging five of our favorite “small things” with each other. Kelle also writes a super popular blog, Enjoying the small things, that many of us follow so we decided to do a little gift exchange with some of our favorite small things. Thanks Jessica, Sarah, Emily, Erin (and for hosting!), and Shannon for my gifts. I’m just sitting around reading Tori Spelling, wearing my shiny new lip gloss and homemade bracelet and relaxing to the aromatherapy smell of love, all while using my i-Slice to open Lance’s toys. Ok, well, not really but…

If you are looking for a good read or a new Mommy blog to follow, check out Kelle Hampton’s Bloom and Enjoying the small things. I totally dig her writing and amazing pictures from a Mommy blogging standpoint. Seriously, she rocks!

*8. After reading last week’s post, my Mom pointed out to me that I skipped number four and she felt gypped. Even though I had no clue and apparently no one else did (or was too polite to tell me), I promised her a make-up piece in this week’s list. Hence number eight.

This one is for you, Mom… a picture of you and your brood, circa 2008. Ahhhhh, ain’t that sweet? I think all my Penn State family and friends, particularly Allison, will like this photo, too. Such a hard year for Old State… there’s gotta be more good times ahead. I was really pulling for them to pull out a win yesterday against UVA, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get to recreate this photo again on October 6!

And that makes eight (if I can count) this week!


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