List of seven on Sunday: 2.1

1. I am obsessed with this clip. The Pioneer Woman included it in on of her recent posts, and I literally almost fell off my chair laughing. Since then I have watched it about 507 more times and the hilarity of it has not lost its effect on me. I’ve shared it on FB, I’ve shared it with Jan, I’ve shared it with guests, and now I’m sharing it with you…

2. I keep stumbling across various writing prompts online. For example, WP offers a weekly writing challenge (that I am yet to participate in, but always consider the option), and often time other bloggers will pose questions or offer a writing prompt in their posts to generate discussion. In my quest to continually become a better writer I try to engage and respond when I can. I saw this one a few weeks ago and never responded, but I thought the prompt was a good one so I am going to enlighten you with my answers.

The prompt is to simply finish these three sentences:

1. Tomorrow, I will…

2. By the end of this month, I will…

3. By the end of this year (2012), I will

Here goes…

Tomorrow, I will take Lance to PMO in the morning and make good use of my time while he is there, even if that means taking a nap. By the end of this month, I will have edited, organized, and ordered some favorite prints of my Germany pictures. By the end of this year (2012), I will be almost 37 weeks pregnant.

Wasn’t that fun!?

3. We had our 2o-week ultrasound on Wednesday. Baby #2 is lookin’ good! Everything checked out great, and we left the doctor’s office feeling giddy and happy, and of course, still in the dark about this baby’s gender 🙂 I am still feeling awesome and truly at the height of the “honeymoon” stage of pregnancy. I can feel the baby moving all of the time, still have tons of energy, and I am in love with my growing bump.

4. Grandpa Bob visited us this week on his way from Pennsylvania to Florida. Amazingly, my 89-year-old Grandpa still drives from Pennsylvania to Florida for the winter every year. He always stops to stay with us for a night or two on his way to and from the Sunshine State. Lance is always really taken with him, which I love. He will seriously sit in his lap for longer periods of time than he will other people. It’s like he senses that Grandpa is old and unable to run around and chase him or lay on the floor and let him climb all over him. So Lance is totally content to bring him toys and books and sit with him.

5. You win, Pinterest.

Yes, I finally broke down this week and created a Pinterest account for myself and added a “Pinterest” button to the end of my posts on Britta’s Banter. Let the pinning begin!

I still don’t really know what I am doing, but I am pretty sure productivity will cease to exist as I know it whenever I’m logged into Pinterest.

So far, I created a few boards, including a “DIY for the home” board because I am totally not a do-it-yourself person, but I think I’m going to be a DIY person on Pinterest. I mean isn’t that kind of how it works? You pin all of the things you’ll never make, never buy, never wear, etc. Ok, ok sarcasm aside, I am really trying to give it a chance, and I definitely can see it’s appeal and purpose. Actually, I do really love it already, which is what I was afraid…

I am still learning the tricks and etiquette. To my friends who know what they are doing, please help guide me along. I actually pinned a few things from Britta’s Banter and my own Vimeo account onto some of my boards, but then I got to thinking is that bad form? I was experimenting to see if the “Pinterest” button on my blog worked (and it does), but then I got to thinking that maybe it’s a little self-serving to pin your own stuff. Or maybe it doesn’t even make sense? Or maybe that’s the point?

Come find me if you care to follow…

6. About those dirty windows I spoke of recently? I knocked out four of them on Saturday. It wasn’t pretty, but I got down and got dirty starting in our living room. Then I proceeded to tear down all the old, dirty nasty curtains that were here when we moved in and I, get this, washed them! I also dusted (gasp). And then I tore apart the entire room and rearranged the furniture. It is safe to say, the nesting period is full on.

This week it’ll be onto other rooms, window, and dust bunnies in the house. Looks like I joined Pinterest just in the nick of time, too. Plenty-o-ideas to pull from during this crazy cleaning frenzy and organizational renovation phase. We might have room for a second baby in this house after all.

Bye, bye dusty little hand print…

7. This morning I woke up to the gentle sound of falling rain. On occasion, I truly love a lazy, rainy morning. Lance woke up a little earlier than usual so we pulled him in bed with us, opened the window and all laid and listened to the steady sound of falling rain. I could have done with a little less moving and squirming on Lance’s end, but I did soak up (pun intended) all those sweet little boy cuddles from him. Ohhh, I love weekends… Have a wonderful day. I’m off to watch Charlie bit my finger – again!

And that makes seven!

The Banter Lady

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