List of seven on Sunday: 2.2

1. Have you ever had one of those incident’s when your child does something wrong and you know you need to correct their behavior, but yet what they’ve done is something that keeps you biting your lip from laughter?

I was on the phone with Jan for literally less than one minute, and when I turned around Lance was wearing Luke’s water bowl on his head. The water bowl, at this point, was empty and Lance’s shirt and shorts were blatantly marked with wet spots. He looked up at me and said, “hat on.”

Trying not to laugh I suddenly wondered where the rest of the contents of Luke’s water bowl, as luck would have it, I had just refilled less than 15 minutes prior, ended up. The area directly around him was completely dry so I asked him, “Lance, where is the rest of the water that was in Luke’s bowl?”

He abruptly turned and headed for the living room. Before I took any disciplinary action I followed him to see where the mess was. He pointed to a large wet spot in the corner of the living room and said, “I throwed it,” in response to my inquiry about the water. Again, I tried not to laugh, but knew I needed to let him know it was not ok to dump out Luke’s water in the living room. Oh, parenting… (hold that thought).

2. We recently bought Lance a baby doll in preparation for the real thing that will arrive in January. Lance handles his new baby with care, hugs his baby, and truly seems to love his baby. The toy store only had girl baby dolls (why is that?) so he might be confused if the real thing turns out to be a boy, but at least he’s getting used to this whole baby idea.


3. I surpassed another blogging milestone this month. I have now written and published over 100 posts! Yippee!! Just had to get that little celebration in there to keep up my momentum this week.

4. Back to parenting. Yeah, it’s been hard lately and there have been some not-so-funny moments. Lance seems to be testing my patience, pushing the limits, and becoming more and more strong-willed by the minute. I hate to say it, but I think we are approaching some sort of “terrible two’s” type phase. And although this blog is not and will never be a venue for me to vent about my parenting woes, I do think it is important to share a few struggles from time to time because we are all faced with them as parents.

5. We’re in North Carolina right now visiting my Dad and Dana.


We came to see them and have one last beach hurrah of the season before we pack up the shorts and pull out the sweaters… before the day’s get any shorter and colder.

The second night we were here Lance had a horrible night’s sleep. I still have no idea what triggered it (and probably never will), but it left me frustrated and sleep-deprived. He woke up around 11:30 p.m. and for the next two hours was awake, restless, crabby, and at times inconsolable. He wasn’t sick, he wasn’t hurt – he just wouldn’t sleep. Which meant I didn’t sleep. When he did settle down again I thought I would manage to get in a few hours, but he awoke again at 3 a.m., and I spent the rest of the night with him in a twin bed, trying to at least rest.

I knew the next day would be rough, but we still managed to have fun and enjoy ourselves at the beach. One night of poor sleep isn’t the end of the world, but it does leave me questioning. Maybe he only need’s one nap per day now? Was he just manipulating me? Was he scared of the dark? Why wouldn’t he calm down? Was something really bothering him that I should have picked up on and didn’t? The list goes on, but I know I need to let it go. He slept fine last night and I would like to chalk it up to an isolated incident, but it definitely rattled my otherwise peaceful night.

At this point, I know Lance is entering a stage where he needs consistency and limits everyday. And not just because of one sleepless night, but because I can tell the real fun is about to begin in the world of discipline. I would lie if I didn’t say I was a little bit scared. I want him to know me as an authoritative, but also loving figure in his life. He is at such a pivotal point right now between being a good listener and a total brat. I can see it in his eyes when I tell him no or redirect him when he is doing something wrong. He’s getting more independent and challenging everyday with new ideas and ways of interacting with the world. He’s intentionally making choices that either follow my rules or defy me. I know he needs to be disciplined and corrected with gentle guidance. Right now, I have no answers or real conclusion to these thoughts. Recognition of this need in his life for change is a start for now, and in the next few weeks I hope to iron out some sort of a plan for the disciplinary choices I make when he is bad. Oh, parenting…

6. So here we are, through the growth periods as a parent and the incessant energy and curiosity of a child, having one last beach hurrah.

Smiles all around, which is what we came for… Pop and Lance had too much fun on the beach with two buckets and an ocean full of water. Neither one of them got tired of this water bucket chase game. WAY more fun than Luke’s water bowl.





I’d say he definitely likes water. When we got home, he told Grammy, “I went underwater.”

7. Including one more happy beach picture to last us all until next season… a picture of my little good/bad boy that I love so much, even on the hard days. The speedo helps 😉


And that makes seven!


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