List of seven on Sunday: 2.3

1. Luke the pug has not gotten nearly enough press lately.

What’s new, Luke?


Not much, I see.

A day in the life of a pug.

Oh, you want me to take an extreme close-up of your flat face and post it on my blog?


Extreme close-up.

2. Lance’s Halloween costume preview:

3. One of my favorite reference websites is One of my favorite iPad apps is, well, the Merriam-Webster dictionary. What can I say, I am a word worm like that. I love vocabulary and learning new words, using new words, and playing word games. Scrabble?? Upwords?  Boggle? Words with Friends anyone? I am always game.

When I read I never hesitate to look up a word I don’t know. The other day while reading a blog I follow (Brigitte’s Banter), the author introduced me to a new word: mettle. Not to be confused with the word meddle (to interfere unwantedly), mettle means courage and fortitude. Or according to Brigitte, A person’s ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way.

I enjoyed this word so much that I deemed it worthy of including it in my list of seven this week. And then you know what happened? She went and got Freshly Pressed, a most esteemed honor in the blogging world, for her post about the word mettle! Vocabulary rules, and Brigitte you are a woman of great meddle for mastering the ins and outs of WordPress.

4. I said I would do it, and I did it – I made a mumkin!

Cute, ehh?

And it only took all of fifteen minutes to carve out the pumpkin, insert the mum, and tie a bow. [Bonus: roasted pumpkin seeds for a snack.]

Then all of that carving and roasting and mumkin admiration led me to pause and have a moment. A moment to reflect on the changing of the seasons and embrace the summer behind me and the fall to come. Only a few leaves on the ends of the trees are changing down here in sunny SW Virginia, but fall is definitely in the air. And I love the smell.

5. Speaking of fall, I am excited to spend the first week of October in rural north-central Pennsylvania (aka my roots). The first week of October is usually “peak” for seeing the colorful fall leaves in my quaint little hometown, and I have not been back this time of year since I was living there during my last year of high school in 1997. I am excited to enjoy the leaves and spend some much needed down-time with family.

6. In order to make this trip a little easier and our stay a little longer, I am riding north with my Mom & G.S., who will help with Lance and ole preggers here until we meet up with Jan again the following weekend. My Mom and G.S. arrived on Thursday to first spend a few days with us.

Alas, someone to play word games with!

And always, not only will G.S. play Boggle with me, but she comes bearing homemade cookies in the same ancient tins she has been reusing for decades. When I see those tins coming, my mouth starts watering.

Within these tins lie oatmeal butterscotch and chocolate cookies.

7. Before leaving for PA we are currently making a detour in Blacksburg to celebrate Rachel’s 40th birthday. It’s been a fun and wild visit as always. Twelve adults, eight kids, two cats, and one pug dog equals quite the party! We’ve taken many pictures, eaten plenty, given meaningful (and a few gag) gifts to the birthday girl, and four of us even managed to fit in a game of Scrabble.

I decided to dress up and give away my first mumkin to Rachel. Happy 40th cuz!


And that makes seven!


The Banter Lady

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6 thoughts on “List of seven on Sunday: 2.3

  1. my most favorite game in the whole world: boggle. i cannot believe we have not exchanged this affection of ours – we should have boggled while you were here! i started playing boggle when i was 16 and spent my year in the us, my host brother used to play with me all the time so i could learn new words…i would keep asking him whether or not certain letter combinations made up meaningful words. one day he would not let me use the help of a thesaurus anymore because i would always win…and that has been my determination until this very day: noone playing boggle with me because i would win…

  2. Britta, the pics of your pug and your son as just sooooo wonderful! Thank you for being so kind as to be included in your Sunday 7 — I am honored and thank you for your kind words. Very cool and lovely mumkin! Have a wonderful week, Britta.

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