List of seven on Sunday: 2.4

1. Lance and I have been crazy travelers this past week. From Danville to Blacksburg to Wyomissing to Coudersport to now finally Bellefonte/State College, and then later today Danville (home!) we are making the rounds. All of this travel was brought on by my desire to “get it all in” before I start to get large and in charge and uncomfortable and unable to travel later this fall/winter.

2. I am 24 weeks pregnant today! The baby is roughly the size of an ear of corn in length. I love this considering I am totally into festive fall harvest, apple cider, pumpkin, mumkin, gourd, leaf-changing talk these days. It’s only appropriate the baby join in the fall spirit by measuring the size of an ear of corn… preferably a colorful dried Indian ear of corn with stalk.


3. The most important objective of our travels (other than seeing the leaves) has been to see and spend quality time with family and friends. With that thought in mind, we have been able to hit several birthday parties! I swear Lance is starting to think that everyday is a birthday party. He even repeatedly says, “I need birthday cake,” these days. It all started with my Dad’s early birthday celebration in Southport a few weekends ago, then Rachel’s in Blacksburg, Keefe’s, Madeleine’s, and now Lucas’s this weekend. Happy birthday to all!





4. Special moments with special people… Playing football with Granny, receiving the best gifts ever from Uncle Mark, getting bedtime snuggles from Uncle Dale and Aunt Sharie, and playing with cousins Logan and Christine… all in Potter County!





The party didn’t stop there… onto Centre County! Lance is a Viking with Bubby and a Charlie Brown puzzle solver with Aunt Googie.



5. And Lance isn’t the only one having fun… Mommy had a night out at Olga’s with Christin, an afternoon with Laurissa, Silas, and our bumps, and a wonderful weekend in State College with Allison and Lucas.




We reunited with Papa in State College where Jan attended his first Penn State football game. Great win Nittany Lions!


6. During this trip I decided I would attempt reading my first ever iBook on my iPad. For a few reasons… 1) Even though I just know I would much rather prefer holding, smelling, and carrying around the “real thing” I am also a “don’t knock it until you try it kind of person, and 2) What a better time to test out the portability and convenience factor of reading an iBook than on a trip.

And so it goes, I left my Holy Bible sized book, Pillars of the Earth book at home (that I am less than 100 pages from finishing darn it!) and downloaded Gone Girl on my iPad since I knew I’d be packing my iPad anyway.

My review so far? Well, I don’t exactly love snuggling up with my iPad in bed. I’d (as I predicted) much rather hold and smell an old library book than a mini computer screen. Call me old-fashioned but reading my iPad in bed violates my “no technology in the bedroom” rule. I will say this though: The convenience factor of an iPad definitely gets an A+. How handy to have a whole book right on my iPad that I use constantly all throughout the day. I can read a page here and there with ease and comfort all over the house. This would also be a plus on, say, an airplane. The other cool thing that I am digging, although I haven’t utilized it yet, is the define, highlight, and note features. I can easily look up a word, highlight a passage that moves me or make a note about a particular passage. Nerdy, but potentially cool.

As for Lance, he has been keeping it real and doing his reading in a tent in the front yard. Among some of his newer books, he’s enjoyed reading Uncle Keefe, Uncle Mark, and Mommy’s old books. Some of our original Little Golden Books still have the sticker price on them for 49 cents. Love it. Tawny Scrawny Lion, Baby Animals, or The Big Brown Bear anyone?


7. I also loved my festive fall week in Pennsylvania… I only had to drive down the barren dirt road leading to the house I grew up in to find the colorful leaf backdrop I was looking for.



And that makes seven!


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