List of seven on Sunday: 2.6

1. We are home. Back to the routines and comforts and familiarities of home.

Lance never gets bored in the tree swing, and these days, even requests to go “higher! higher!”

Kennedy, the neighbor’s cat, enjoys a turn from time to time as well. Lance is kind enough to push her, which cracks him up. Which obviously cracks me up because, well after all, I am watching a 21-month old push a white cat in a tree swing. At this point, you should be cracking up, too. The absurdity of it all. This is my life.

2. For our last weekend adventure in a long slew of fun weekends out-of-town, we went to a Virginia Tech football game in Blacksburg. Mom’s (Sally & I) got to go to the game while Dad’s (Matt & Jan) watched the kids. It’s the first Tech game (inside the stadium that is) I have been to in a few years, and I have to say it was one of the most fun. Despite the fact that we were losing 0-20 to Duke (?!) at one point during the first quarter, the Blue Devils would remain scoreless the next three quarters. From the second quarter on it was all Hokie football. The weather was sunny, the sky was bright blue, the air was crisp, the Blue Ridge Mountains were glorious, and the fans were loud. And I was 25 weeks pregnant and totally sober — a game I will not soon forget.

We had a great time at the Homecoming parade and tailgating with friends and The Tracy’s before the game, too!

3. The night before we left for Blacksburg my dad came through Danville and spent the night with us. The next morning while I was trying to pack, shower, and get organized for the weekend my Dad took Lance off my hands for a few hours. I tossed him my car keys and said, “have fun!” as I made a beeline for the shower. They came back a few hours later with a pile of pumpkins, a mumkin for Mommy, and new Crocs for Lance. I love that my Dad takes such a genuine interest in spoiling spending time with Lance. Lance absolutely adores his special time with Pop. I’d say it’s vice versa, too.

4. Back to football. I’ve been lucky enough to attend two college football games this season – back-to-back weekends at that. First was the Penn State game; second was the Virginia Tech game. Both the Nittany Lions and the Hokies were able to pull off exciting wins. Not to mention the fact that I had stellar seats right along the 40 and 50-yard lines respectively for both games thanks to my well-connected friends, Allison and Sally.

Life is good, and Lance is our little PSU/VT man. He’ll probably go to Utah.

5. Now that our travels have subsided, we are keeping busy with the normalities of life at home. Lance and I love to go out and “crunch” in the leaves around our neighborhood.

We stop to enjoy all the pretty colored leaves.

Back inside, this is what it looks like when Lance helps me unload the dishwasher. He’s in charge of silverware. Obviously.

Jan went to L.A. for work this past week for a few days. Before he left we enjoyed a just-the-two-of-us lunch at home while Lance was at PMO. Then I convinced him to help me rearrange our entire bedroom, something I have been wanting to do for a while now. Can I say nesting?! NESTING. Then I talked him into going to Dairy Queen with me before he had to leave for the airport. I indulged in a seasonal pumpkin pie blizzard sitting side by side with my sweetie at a picnic table outdoors for a few uninterrupted moments of grateful quietness before we said our goodbyes. No pictures (or leftovers) – some things are just not meant to be shared.

6. On Thursday, Lance & I went on a field trip with The Day School to a pumpkin patch where we took a hay ride and played in a giant castle built of hay bails.

My friend Erin posted a similar picture of Lance & I on FB and captioned it “B, L, +1 = FUN!!!” I think she is right.

7. Over the weekend, I am so happy my niece Madeleine came to our house for the first time!

She got a turn in the tree swing, too.

We had a short and sweet visit my brother, sister-n-law, and niece. Jan even made it back from L.A. in time to enjoy the afternoon with everyone.

And the leaves just keep getting prettier and prettier around here.

And that makes seven!


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