H-A-double L-O-W-double E-N spells Halloween!

Oh boy, we’re having Halloween fun this year! A far cry from our little “mousemonkey” last year, Lance has learned the delicious power of candy and the fun of dressing up.

In the weeks leading up to Halloween he has enjoyed donning the clown wig…

Hat day at PMO…

And dressing up as a penguin this year for trick-or-treat…

We began our Halloween night at trunk-or-treat at our church, then braved the downtown frenzied crowd of eager, colorful, painted, costumed, candy-seeking children and parents. After some rowdy and rambunctious trick-or-treating we celebrated with food, fun, and friends at a party. At one point, my friend Jessica and I tried to count how many children were there – we counted at least 20! I’d love to say I have a photo of all the little creatures, super heroes, princesses, werewolves, athletes, characters, insects, and more but that would have been near impossible. Our night ended with one final stop at our dear neighbor Charlotte’s house.

Lance’s new mantra: “I need more candy.”

First lollipop ever… might as well be on Halloween!

Now on this last night in October, I’m all jacked up on sugar, pumpkin face brownie, and apple cider. Jan & I are watching scary, spooky Halloween movies on TV, but I’ll share a movie slightly less scary. The Halloween spirit is alive and well in our house this year.

five little pumpkins from Britta Petrich on Vimeo.

Happy November tomorrow. The leaves are a fallin’ here…


The Banter Lady

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