List of seven on Sunday: 2.9

1. Lance likes to stand behind this curtain in our kitchen and tell me he’s taking a shower (or “duschen” when he’s speaking German). He thinks it’s very grown up to stand behind the curtain and pretend to wash his hair and scrub his belly like an adult.

2. Operation wash all the windows in our house update: I’m done! I did!

Over the last several weeks I’ve managed to find the time, energy, will power, and elbow grease to wash every window in our house. I feel so much better now. So much so that I could care less about the outside of the windows (for now). Let’s just not even go there. The insides are squeaky clean; the outsides can wait until next year.

Or never.

Now it’s onto other items on my “to do before baby” list… like get another bed or crib, move Lance into the guest room, clean up the basement, purge more junk, clean out the filing cabinet, shred old paperwork, mop the kitchen floor, freeze some meals…

I find it’s very helpful to write down and share all of this information because, although it may not be exciting, I have a greater chance for success if I publicly announce my intentions. Just look what happened with the window project! Blogging: It’s how I get shit done.

3. Even the baby is progressing with each new post. Unbelievably, I’ve  entered into the third trimester – 28 weeks to be exact. Baby is approximately the size of an eggplant.

photo credit: the bump

4. My sister-n-law pinned this link on Pinterest last week: 100 ways to encourage a new Mom. This list is a great reminder to all mothers new and experienced. Having a baby is no easy feat, and the adjustments, emotions, and juggling that follow once baby arrives can sometimes be overwhelming. This list is insightful and one I want to share with all my Mama friends. The author gives practical tips like #1 – fold her laundry and #19 – bring diapers when you visit. She offers sound encouragement like # 14 – tell her she will sleep again – and allowing her to have guilt free thoughts like #52 – it’s ok to want to quit motherhood some days. One of my personal favorites, #80 – always be kind to the mom on your flight – gave me a chuckle.

Although I will give birth to #2 in January, I still very much consider myself a new Mom. I know I’ll receive plenty of encouragement from friends and family, but it’s nice to be able to give myself a break, too, by keeping in mind some of the items on this list. This time around I will be much more apt to know what and how to ask for help. I am actually working on a post right now called Reminders to myself after baby is born (working title) to help keep me grounded in those first few trying, joyful, tearful, snuggly, sleepless weeks. As soon as I get it finalized I will share.

5. Lance got his flu shot last week. While we were waiting for the nurse we had fun making faces in the mirror.

This is our “surprised” face…

This is our “funny” face…

Before we got to “mean” face, “sleepy” face (always a favorite), and “happy” face, the nurse walked in and I played it off like we were just waiting quietly. No monkey business here Ma’am!

6. On Thursday we met up with Sally & Sophia in Greensboro. We took the kiddos the Children’s Museum and had a fantastic time.

Afterward, we went back to the hotel where they were staying for a swim in the pool and a pizza party. So much fun with our friends!

This picture is blurry, but it may just be my favorite of the day… Hey look, it’s Mr. & Mrs. Toddler of room 308 heading to the spa.

7. It’s just after 10 AM (EST), but really it’s just after 11 AM if you pretend we never set the clocks back last night. I was certain Lance would wake up at 5 AM (but really 6 AM) because although that would have been early, even for him, I assumed that would be how things would go down. A kind of “just my luck” scenario. Boy, was I wrong. He slept until after 7 AM (but really 8 AM). Crazy!? Are you confused? The whole time change thing does strange things to my thought process. I guess in the next few days I will figure it all out. In the meantime, have a great day.

And that makes seven!


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