Today I am experimenting. I’ve been wanting to write more and accept more writing challenges, but I always find reasons not to. In reading a new blog a Five Minute Friday challenge caught my eye. Today’s prompt is: QUIET.

Now that I’ve spent almost the first minute describing my post, I feel anything but quiet in my mind. The mind chatter has picked up substantially over the last few weeks. When the baby comes this… and when the baby comes that… and my favorite, before the baby comes I will… thoughts run rampant in my mind.

But right now, my house is quiet. Lance is napping peacefully. I am wearing elastic pants, which has nothing to do with quiet and everything to do with comfort.

I only have a minute and a half left. This whole time limit is pressure. Maybe if I continue to engage in Five Minute Friday’s I will learn to let that go.

Quiet, quiet, quiet…

We have a quiet weekend ahead. Not too many obligations and the weather forecast is grand. Maybe we’ll spend some time outside and be…


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6 thoughts on “Quiet

  1. Welcome to 5minFri – I’ve only recently started myself and understand the feeling of pressure. I have to just set a timer, that way I’m not trying to track the time as well as make my mind think quick under pressure – usually not a good combo for me :-D.

    Isn’t the amount of mind chatter amazing? For what it’s worth, I happen to think elastic pants do have something to do with quiet because of their relation to comfort – and comfort is quiet. Congratulations on your new baby! Thank you for sharing with us and joining up.

  2. Quiet is hard! I can sit and not talk for a whole day but my brain is anything but quiet. When it is, I tend to think there’s something wrong. Guess that just means being quiet isn’t as easy as it seems.

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