List of seven on Sunday 3.0: HONEST

1. This week’s list has been fluttering in all sorts of directions. I started writing it a few times during the week and kept changing my vision. Perhaps, I need to just let some of my crazy/calm… crazy/calm… thoughts out. By “crazy/calm” thoughts, what  I mean is I have been feeling a little scattered lately. Not in a bad, stressed out way — just in an all over the place way! All is well, but I am eager to find the time and energy to complete about a million different projects before the baby arrives. I feel like a ticking timer, which in a way I am if you want to talk bun-in-the-oven analogies. You see, my timer will pop in January and with it will come more and new to-dos. Not to mention between now and then the holiday season is upon us. I love the holiday’s, and I am eager to embrace the cozy, thankful, special, hectic times ahead, but it definitely adds to one’s already full to-do list. On top of all that, Lance is operating full steam ahead in his busy-body toddler ways. As he should, but it’s getting more challenging to chase after him because, ok I’ll just say it, the pregnancy “waddle” is here. So today, please sit back, relax and allow me to jump around a bit. Try to keep up if you may, or just simply enjoy this week’s post for what it is: HONEST.

2. First and foremost I decided I will start giving my post titles a descriptive word each week. Instead of just “List of seven on Sunday: 1.2… 1.3… 1.4… and so on, I decided I needed to jazz it up a bit and add a little more excitement. (I’m wild like that). This week’s title word is obviously HONEST because I am doing some honest self-disclosure in a mind dump sort of way. It’s not perfect or put together or even sensical at times, but it is honest. Each week I’ll try to pick a descriptive word that emphasizes the week’s theme. If there isn’t a logical word that comes to mind, I’ll pick a word that I think is important to at least one of the items on my list.

On a not completely unrelated note, I’ve been experimenting with my writing a little bit and looking for new ideas and inspirations to write about. I hope you enjoyed Quiet on Friday. You can expect more posts in between my regular Sunday seven lists as time allots. Bear with me and join the conversation when something strikes your fancy. It seems I have a lot to write about these days, and I want to relish in the creative free flow of thoughts as much as I can.

3. Potty-training. There’s a word for you. I hesitate to even blog about this because I don’t want to get my hopes up or jinx myself by saying too much, but I am going to give it an honest (there’s that word again) effort this coming week. My plan is to attempt a 3-Day Potty Training method my friend Sarah told me about. There is a chance I may end up blogging about it because I actually think it might be entertaining. I could turn it into a three-part series: the before, during, and after of potty training. We’ll see… wish me luck this week. I designated November 15, 16, 17 as my three days. This means I don’t leave the house or Lance’s side during the three days. Basically, we throw out all the diapers, he wears big boy undies and a T-shirt, I give him tons to drink, and we catch every accident as it happens and somehow try to get to the bathroom before he finishes. Eventually he’s supposed to catch on by hearing cues from me such as “keep your underwear dry” and “tell Mommy when you have to go potty.” At this point, I remain hopeful and optimistic. Must flush all doubts down the toilet before Thursday if I’m going to give it my all.

4. In spite of my somewhat restless state of mind, I have seriously had some really, really precious moments with Lance lately. At the risk of sounding too sappy, I cannot reiterate how much I love my little man. We spend a ton of time together and although it’s easy to get impatient at times, I also have these sweet spots where I just totally focus on him and give every ounce of attention to whatever we are doing. Be it a hug, coloring a picture, reading a book, or sharing a sandwich I sit and remind myself how fleeting these moments are and how unbelievably lucky I am that I get to connect with him in these ways. I am his guide and his authority and with that comes the unpleasant tasks of discipline and redirection when he is not behaving, but in the moments – the calm moments – when he is listening and interested and curious and sweet I soak it all up. Big time. And I don’t ever want to forget these moments.

One of our new favorite things to do is lay in the “other bed” when Lance gets up from his nap and snuggle under a cozy blanket and read books together as he is waking up and easy into the evening routine. He calls Jan and my bed the “other bed” and although he’s never slept with us, he’s also never been banned from our bed. So we take a pile of books and a favorite blanket and snuggle up. This new routine just started this week because of the time change. Typically, we go outside when he gets up from his nap and run around until Jan gets home, but now that it’s colder and darker that option has become less appealing. It’s almost as if he senses my need to lie down more often, too. We are settling into a new winter schedule and getting outside at different times.

5. On the crazy side of the coin, when we are out and about Lance enjoys running in the complete opposite direction as me, much like the baby bunny in Runaway Bunny (Margaret Wise Brown). He thinks this is great fun. I think I might lose my mind, but like the Mama bunny in Runaway Bunny I must not lose my resolve.

“If you run away, I must run after you. For your are my little bunny.”

Last weekend we went to the mall and he took off through the men’s clothing section and I couldn’t see him, but I could hear him screaming with glee. Hot on his trail, I heard two elderly ladies fuss, “There’s a child and he’s running for the door!” Of course, I emerged from behind a display of corduroy pants in time to catch him, but I felt them glaring at my back and tisk, tisking, under their breath. Judgers. Don’t they know I am waddling as fast as I can?

Then there are the oh-so-wonderful moments when Lance laughs when I tell him no and tells me “don’t say that, Mommy.” He just loves to tell me what to do these days. “Don’t do that” is another favorite demand.

Remember how I started this post… crazy/calm… crazy/calm? I am beginning to think there is a distinct reason for these feelings. The reality of my life emerging through writing once again.

Still waiting for the, “Shucks. I might as well just stay where I am and be your little bunny,” moment.

6. A few things we have been up to, lest I deny you some pictures!

Lance attended a Kid’s Workshop at Home Depot with my Dad and Jan. He made me a turkey napkin holder for me and they bought mini flashlights. Fun stuff for a little boy.

We voted. Like the outcome or not, I am glad there was a clear-cut winner on the same day as the election. Let us move forward with cooperation and productivity across party lines.

After a recent bath I thought it might be fun to wrap Lance’s towel around him like a toga. Hilarious entertainment to see a little dude, fresh out of the bath looking like an ancient Roman citizen. Toga! Toga!

7. There’s really no good transition from a toddler in a toga to this, but Happy Veteran’s Day today to the brave men and women who have fought for the red, white, and blue! Your service and sacrifice and time away from family to protect our country is something I am always thankful for this time of year. I hope each and every one of you has a beautiful day with your family if not today, then as soon as you get the next available chance.

As for the rest of you, have a wonderful afternoon and evening… with a side of HONEST at your dinner table tonight.

And that makes seven!


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