List of seven on Sunday 3.1: THANKFUL

In no particular order, this Thanksgiving week’s list is all about being THANKFUL.

1. I am THANKFUL for my health. Seriously, this is huge. Even 30-weeks pregnant, I am able to do so many things with the functional use of my arms & legs, hands & feet, mind & soul. No amount of gratitude is too much for the complex parts and functions that make up a healthy human body.

2. I am THANKFUL for all of my wonderful Danville girlfriends — from Mommy friends to JWC friends to church friends to neighbors to Kindermusik friends. Your friendship and support is huge in my life.

3. I am THANKFUL for my family, both immediate and extended. I love you all so!

4. I am THANKFUL for the aforementioned 30-weeks of a wonderful and uncomplicated second pregnancy. I feel baby kicks and jabs left and right – some downright hard – as I continue to marvel over this mystery son or daughter inside me. Who are you? What will you be like?

5. I am THANKFUL for my husband. Happy anniversary this Wednesday, Jan. I look forward to many more years of dancing to Hallelujah with you.

photo credit: Heather Mee Fotografee & Design

6. I am THANKFUL for all of my blog readers. I appreciate all the comments, both verbal and written, encouragement, and interest in my writing from those who know me well to those who only know me virtually. Without you, I would not be having nearly as an enjoyable time building my writing portfolio and sharing my life stories as I do with your camaraderie. Special acknowledgement to my in-laws and acquaintances in Germany, who are loyal readers each week.

7. I am THANKFUL for my little boy Lance, the inspiration and star of the show most of the time on Britta’s Banter. My love for him is like nothing else in this world.

Happy Thanksgiving. Let’s eat heartily and gratuitously all week.

And that makes seven!


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4 thoughts on “List of seven on Sunday 3.1: THANKFUL

  1. I couldn’t have thought up a better list for Thanksgiving. Thankfulness all around! I’m thankful for your blogging friendship as well and since I love kids, even more thankful you include so many cute pictures of Lance! Happy early Thanksgiving, may the thankfulness just keep on going. 🙂

    • Happy Thanksgiving, Lillian! I know you will find creative and memorable ways to celebrate abroad. I hope you get to show and share some American traditions with new friends.

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