List of seven on Sunday 3.2: BUSY

1. We’re traveling again!

Happy and thankful to be blogging from Coudersport this weekend. Jan & I weren’t sure if we’d make this trip because of my pregnancy, but I’m feeling good. SO glad we are here and were able to spend Thanksgiving weekend with loved ones. The long trip was worth the effort, and my butterball belly and I have been well fed. We’ve seen and spent such quality time with family on both sides — a truly “bless”-ful (and BUSY) time.

It even snowed!


Let it snow, let it snow!

2. Although I didn’t engage in any Black Friday shopping this year, I have been playing with a new toy. Jan and I (gasp) got iPhones. We’ve joined the ranks of smart phoners world-wide. We had a bittersweet time saying goodbye to our old flip phones, but we’re enjoying the wonder and convenience and digital capabilities of the iPhone. Watch out world — I can blog and instagram in seconds. Anywhere. Anytime.


Testing out my iPhone.

3. I have to include this video of Lance serenading my friend Kate’s twin girls, Abigail and Olivia. They came over to play a few weeks ago. I marveled at their cuteness and Kate’s cool, calm, and collected demeanor. I’d be a total mess if I had twins, but she handles these two lovely ladies with ease. Such sweeties — and I loved having babies in the house again!

I think Lance liked Abigail and Olivia, too. Take a look…

4. Lance is super interested in playing with matchbox sized cars these days. He’s even kind of like a hoarder the way he carts and carries them all over the place. Lucky for him, everywhere we go people seem able to pull a few of them out of a cabinet or draw for him to play with.

Exhibit A (before we left home).

5. Anyone wondering about potty training? Anyone (besides me) tired of hearing/reading/writing/talking about potty training?

I’ll keep it brief, but let it be known we’re still on track even during the rickety parts 🙂

6. A few turkey day moments…


This is my plate BEFORE.


This is my plate AFTER.


Let’s not even think about forgetting the pumpkin pie!

7. Ending on a picture of my older brothers and me. They will be ecstatic (detect sarcasm now) about being featured in this week’s list. They love family photo shoots, especially Mark (on right). He lives for these moments.


All joking aside, I love Keefe and Mark so. Getting to spend time with them in our hometown this weekend has been really special. We will not see each other this year at Christmas so I’ve been soaking up the moments — laughing, bickering, teasing, hanging out, busy, and all.

And that makes seven!

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