List of seven on Sunday 3.3: HOME

1. We’re home again, home again. Although it feels good to be HOME, it was hard to say goodbye to everyone in my former home, Coudersport.

Lance and Uncle Mark enjoyed dressing alike in their matching Ampelmann shirts they purchased together last Christmas in Germany.

More cousin playtime and a photo shoot with cousin Madeleine.

Going on 23 and 14 months, respectively.

2. Our big excitement last week was going to the doctor to get Lance’s finger X-rayed. Five minutes before we were ready to leave Coudersport, I accidentally slammed it in the bathroom door. I felt t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e when he screamed out in pain, and I looked down to see his finger completely flattened in the door. We almost took him to the emergency room, but after many tears and some Tylenol, he calmed down enough to make us think he’d be ok until we got home. He fell asleep immediately when we got in the car, and so our nine-hour car ride began – right index finger twice the normal size and all. When he woke up the first words out of his mouth were, “Let’s find a monkey.” I took this as a good sign. His finger was not hurting him anymore. In the morning I took him to his regular doctor who wanted to get it X-rayed because, based on what happened, it should be broken. Turns out, it wasn’t (thankful sigh of relief) and Lance left the doctor’s office with a new nickname: The Bionic Man.

3. I’m not sure why this is so important this week, but the topic of monthly bills has been on my brain for the last month. I got this crazy ambition to start going through all of our bills, negotiate new rates, can the uncooperative providers, and find new deals in the world of cable, Internet, cell phone service, and insurance. After weeks of negotiations, hours on the phone and online researching rates, talking to sales persons, and countless headaches I’ve finally settled into a comfortable place. I’ve saved us money, gotten us better services all around, and finally am at peace with the fact that we aren’t throwing away money unnecessarily. We’re getting more bang for our buck, and I guess I just feel the need to share because it’s taken quite a bit of my time, energy, and brain cells to deal with all the different information, rates, and annoying sales people. My head is so much clearer now. Whew.

And then… then we decided to get serious about buying a new car… because that is SO much easier than all of the above. [cymbals crashing]

Good news though, we made our process short and as painless as possible. We researched, we test drove, and yesterday we signed our lives away on a new Chevy Traverse. It took spending the ENTIRE day at a dealership, more negotiations, sales people, determination, and a rambunctious toddler running around throughout the process, but we made it happen — together as a growing family.

All smiles in the end!

All smiles in the end!

4. In the coming weeks I  am looking forward to devoting more time to home organization projects. I’ve already been nesting, and I have more ideas and to-dos, but for now it just feels good to be home. Our home is continually getting fuller, which makes it feel smaller, but really it’s getting bigger — bigger in life and love. My next big project will be getting Lance’s “new” room ready. I am still somewhat torn about whether to transition him to a toddler bed or keep him in a crib. He’d probably do fine a toddler bed, but yet he’s still completely happy in his crib so why rock the boat? We have enough changes ahead, and the comfort and security of his crib might be best for all parties involved. Decisions, decisions… what is best for my (little) big boy?

Even as I write this, it’s weird for me to think, “he’ll be two next month?!” He still doesn’t quite understand age yet, but he likes to tell people he is seven for some reason. Seven? I’m having a hard time fathoming two! 

5. As I am hashing through some of these thoughts this week I’ve listened to Home by Phillip Phillips a few times. I am in love with this song.

Settle down, it’ll all be clear
Don’t pay no mind to the demons
They fill you with fear
The trouble it might drag you down
If you get lost, you can always be found

Just know you’re not alone
Cause I’m going to make this place your home

6. Happy first Sunday in Advent. We aren’t going to make it to church today, but are preparing at home in our own quiet and private little ways. Home is where we need to be today as we bask in a French Toast breakfast glow still in our pajamas.

7. Slowly, slowly I am easing into the Christmas spirit… listening to Christmas music here and there… easing the Christmas decorations out of the closet… thinking about a date to get the Christmas tree… lighting ornamental candles… squirreling away a few Christmas gifts to wrap at a later date… and remembering what Christmas is really all about.

December has only just begun. I’m taking my time enjoying and relishing in all of the wonderful traditions – new and old – to come. A month full of a nostalgic, cozy family time and holiday spirit awaits us. We are blessed beyond words this holiday season, and I am mindful of everything we have right here at home.

Oh, it feels good to be HOME today.

And that makes seven!


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