List of seven on Sunday 3.4: WARM


1. The beginning of the week was unseasonably WARM. We’re talking mid-70’s and sunny skies. Lance & I sat outside in bare feet and welcomed some delicious Vitamin-D into our beings. Not a bad way to spend a few December afternoons.

All was harmonious until Lance opened the door and ran inside while I was standing in the yard with Luke. Lance is very pleased that he can open and close the storm door all by himself nowadays, but he took it to a whole new level and actually figured out how to LOCK the door on Tuesday. Not cool. Especially with me on the outside sans the key. Somehow I managed to stay calm and lure him back to the door where I guided him in UNLOCKING the door. My prayers were answered when he obliged pretty quickly, but there was definitely a little perspiration on my brow when initially he took off into the house and I couldn’t see him for a few minutes.

Taken BEFORE my little mischief maker went and locked me out.

Taken a few days BEFORE my little mischief                     maker went and locked me out.

2. We received a special package from Germany last week!


Oma and Opa sent Lance Advent Calendars. One is filled with mini-books (in Deutsch, of course) that sequentially tell a Christmas tale. Each day’s story builds on the previous day and leads up to Christmas. The second calendar is filled with luscious, silky, delicious nougat. I may or may not be the one eating all of it each day.

3. Is it warm in here or am I just pregnant? My body heat is through the roof at times these days. Somebody fan me, please. Or better yet, give me a handful of all those festive snowflakes that are cascading down my site. Have you noticed yet? Gotta love all the creatives at WordPress for designing this holiday animation. Let it snow…

4. Jan has been in Los Angeles for work this week. Lance & I have been holding down the fort at home for the last four nights and five days. Originally, we were going to skirt off to Blacksburg for a few days, but when plans fell through I reshuffled my mindset and got into “this is special Mommy and Lance time” mode. I’ve embraced and really gotten into talking with him, getting down on his level, playing his way, and showing him new opportunities to have fun, such as stringing Christmas lights and going out for ice cream,  if he is a good listener.

In the midst of all our adventures we have had some pretty candid conversations.

Some of funny things he has said to me this week:

* When I asked him if he wanted to share a warm bagel and cream cheese with me, he looked up at me with wonder and exuberantly responded, “Yeah!” with a that-is-best-idea-in-the-whole-wide-world kind of tone. I love how children can make you switch from wanting to strangle them in one moment to making your heart swell so big you can almost feel it popping through your shirt in the next moment. Only Lance could make me feel like Einstein for my ideas.

* While outside he randomly got up from what he was doing and announced, “I must go!” and darted across the lawn.

* Lately if his shirt rides up and his belly sticks out a little he says, “Close it, Mommy.” Or in another instance when I put him to bed the other night, his pajama pant leg got bunched up around his thigh, and again, he requested me to “Close it.”

In his world “Close it” means: Pull my shirt or pant leg down over my bare skin please. He will also occasionally ask to see “Mommy’s baby” and lift up my shirt. When he’s done, he “closes it.”

* On Friday morning, after two nights of Papa being gone, Lance woke up asking for him. When I told him he was in California, he responded by saying, “We have to get him back.”

* Did I mention that he loves to say “Hi Britta!” to me at random throughout the day and then laugh hysterically. Yeah, this talking thing is a hoot.

5. On Friday morning, we ate warm Hershey kiss cookies in our jammies.


Truly, truly I am soaking up all this one-on-one time with Lance while Jan is away… AND before baby #2 arrives on the scene.

6. Late on Friday night, I went to the kitchen to make some microwave popcorn for my evening of vegging in front of the TV after a long, busy day with Lance.

What’s this? I thought as I opened the microwave door. Could it be? Why yes, it’s my morning cup of coffee I reheated for the second time that morning, long forgotten. It was not still warm.

7. I am experimenting with photography of late.

Thanks to my handy-dandy iPhone I’ve been able to introduce myself to the likes of Instagram and Hipstamatic, just a few of the many photo Apps available.

Even more newsworthy, my Christmas present this year is an SLR camera (Canon Rebel), and even though I would typically be totally against opening or using it before Christmas, I let Jan talk me into it. How bad am I? I know what I got already AND I’m actually using it (well experimenting with it). Double shame on me, but oh well, all the fun to be had this year is for Lance anyway. Mama can sit back and snap away since I am hopeful I might actually have a grip on some of the settings by then!

Lastly, on rainy days, Lance & I like to play with Photo Booth on the iMac. Super fun photo options for silly antics.

Allow me to share a few examples as I toy with the photo gallery feature of our very own WordPress. Hover over the photo to see the caption that will reveal what App or camera I used.

The photography possibilities are endless with so many unique perspectives and ways of looking at the world. Only one thing is for sure – WARM and fuzzy memories were made this week for my little man and me, including a hometown holiday parade with dear friends  and many, many sweet kids last night. Santa Claus is coming to town… can you feel the excitement?


And that makes seven!


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