List of seven on Sunday 3.5: SPEECHLESS

1. We have a tree! Although it’s still not completely decorated, we’re well on our way.


2. Lance’s had his last Kindermusik class of the year this past Tuesday night. We’ve enjoyed our time singing and listening to music with little friends and Ms. Lynn.


3. The other day while I was putting away some books in Lance’s room, he said “Mommy, look! I am  driving the trash truck.”

I had to laugh. I love his imagination.


His crib now doubles as the trash truck, as he hops on and off and pretends to throw trash inside like the trash men.

4. My mother and grandmother are visiting this week. We are so happy to have them here as we celebrate the holiday season and remind ourselves of how grateful we are for our time together.


5. On Friday night, Jan and I went to a Tacky Christmas Sweater Party. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves 🙂

6. Yesterday we enjoyed a visit from the Tracy’s! All seven — Ben, Rachel, Fiona, Harrison, Fenton, Gus, and Teddy — made the trip from Blacksburg to Danville for the day. The kids played and entertained us, we ate heartily all day, and celebrated the season together. More good moments to tuck away in our memory banks for the future.

The big kids visited the Tank Museum.

The big kids visited the Tank Museum.

7. I am a little short on words this week. This is not due to lack of content, lack of fun, lack of love, lack of pictures, lack of memories, or lack of moments to write about and share. My life is busy and full and festive and happy. Yet I am pretty SPEECHLESS. I don’t need to beat around the bush as to what I am referring to here, folks. Innocent children and elementary school administrators in Connecticut were wrongly taken from us during Friday’s school shooting. This incident stirs up so many emotions – confusion, anger, lack of understanding, sadness, grief, pain – that I am unable to process so much of what has and is happening in our world.

For now, I can only breathe deep while saying silent prayers for those lost and their families who must persevere through unspeakable heartache. That, and hold my loved ones close in the days to come.

And (with a heavy, yet determinedly hopeful heart) that makes seven!


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