List of seven on Sunday 3.7: NEW

1. As we prepare for the NEW year, we notice all things new – both here and now and still to come.

NEW toys…

IMG_0734 IMG_0747 IMG_0757 IMG_0763 IMG_0777 IMG_0793

NEW crayons…



NEW baby coming soon…


2. About a week before Christmas we decided to move Lance into a NEW bed in his NEW room in order to make room for the baby and give him time to adjust before the baby’s arrival. After much hemming and hawing over whether or not to leave him in a crib or move him into a toddler bed, we decided to go with the latter. The first, second, and third attempts at nap, nap, and bedtime respectively were total fails. Womp, womp, womp. Little man just wouldn’t stay put.

Kicking myself for not going with my gut and just keeping him in a crib, we gave up for a few days, enjoyed Christmas and let his curiosity/interest in his new bed/room build. On Christmas Eve he cried to go in his NEW bed, but not wanting to deal with any shenanigans the night before Christmas I ignored his pleas and let him fall asleep in his old room in the crib. Eventually he did, Santa came, and we had a relaxing Christmas day.

That night, Jan suggested we give him another chance in the toddler bed. The outcome and our best Christmas gift? He went to bed without one complaint, didn’t get up once, and slept peacefully the whole night through in his NEW bed. The next day followed suit, even at nap.

Since then, he’s been great at bedtime, but has given us a few challenges at nap time. All in all, he loves his new bed in his new room, but he’s certainly testing the limits with new-found freedom when it comes to getting up and down.


In some ways, I kind of feel bad for him. Mommy and Papa are really pushing his development right along… potty training in November… transitioning to a toddler bed this month… new sibling on the way next month. Poor little guy. He was totally happy pooping in his pants, sleeping in his crib, and getting every ounce of Mommy and Papa’s attention.

3. A NEW year is upon us this Tuesday – hello 2013! I always love end of the year lists, video montages, and personal as well as national and worldly reflections, but find them hard to write myself. Well, that’s not totally true. Writing is easy, but editing and sharing are more challenging. Deciding what to reflect on when there are so many happenings in one year is overwhelming. Instead I am picking one picture from each month in 2012 to share as I bid the year farewell.

Some of the photos may look familiar as they might have appeared in one of my 73 blog posts of 2012. Others are new to the blog, chosen from over thousands of photos I took in 2012.

4. One of my first blog posts of 2012 was about my 2011 reading list and goals for 2012. It’s always fun to look back on this kind of stuff. When I have more time, I’d like to write  a little “progress report” and a new list for 2013 for my own private use. Right off the bat, I can say I surpassed my reading goal of 12 books in 2012 – I read 18. Yippee!

5. Last year we were in Germany for New Year’s setting off fireworks in the street, eating a big family dinner, playing games, watching Dinner for One, and more fireworks at midnight. I wasn’t pregnant, and I definitely wasn’t drinking water.

IMG_9517 IMG_9523 IMG_9529 IMG_9535

This year we’ll be home. Most likely I’ll be horizontal on the couch, if not in bed already as we roll into 2013. A NEW year of excitement (and German beer) awaits me…

6. As I mentioned last week I am temporarily saying “goodbye” to my List of seven on Sunday’s for a while. I want to rest and relax as much as possible between now and when baby arrives. Then when baby make’s his or her debut, I will be consumed with baby snuggles (and nursing and tiny poopy diapers and sleep deprivation).

I know I’m going to miss writing my weekly list so I suspect one or two more feature posts coming down the pike before the baby arrives, and then sharing thereafter as time allows.

Fond farewell to not only 2012, but List of seven (for a bit).

7. This week, I leave you with a suitable song for ending/beginning a year… a favorite version of Auld Lang Syne. Enjoy this scene from Sex and the City the movie as you watch, or just close your eyes and listen.

Happy NEW Year!
Guten Rutsch!


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4 thoughts on “List of seven on Sunday 3.7: NEW

  1. Britta, Happy New Year to you and family! We went on a xmas cruise to Aruba and some other islands with another couple. It was fun. Grandpa Bob is still in ReHab but now walking and feeling better. Release might be Tues. We enjoy your “Banter” every week. You put a lot of work into it. Cheers! Uncle Rick & Aunt Claire Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2012 14:16:39 +0000 To:

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