“Mommy, will you play with me?”

Over the last week I’ve lost track of how many times Lance has said, “Mommy, will you play with me?” in his sweet, hopeful voice. Although I’d love to respond with an exuberant, “Yes!” after each plea, let’s face it – I am simply too busy every moment of every day just taking care of two kids that I’m hardly able to drop what I’m doing (usually nursing) to stop and play. Ahh, life with two… JUST taking care of two kids, the occupation of my life… (hold that thought).

We are in Coudersport right now – day 8 of our three-week stay while Jan is in California for work. This will clearly be the longest I have resided in my quaint, little hometown since college breaks many moons ago. So far, I’m enjoying the help from my Mom and visits with family & friends. The kids are in good hands up here in Jan’s absence, and I don’t mind the temporary isolation from our regular routines and stores during this extended break from our home in Virginia. The local Dollar General has become my new Target, and we’ve found good outlets for entertainment in the form of story hour at the public library and play time at the Wellness Center when there is (still?!) snow on the ground in March and it’s hard to get outside everyday.

Before we left, I snapped these pictures of Lance & Vivian in their jammies on the couch while Jan & I scurried around packing everything under the sun for our first road trip with two. Good thing for the new Traverse — we hauled a lot of kid crap cargo up here! Something we’ll definitely have to be more strategic about during our first overseas adventure, but first thing is first. Coudersport here we come…



We spent our first weekend with friends…


From Newborn to age 4.

And one with the Mama’s…


Allison, Nicole, & I – friends since we were as little as our own kids are now.


Wait a minute, did I say my kids were in good hands up here?!


We love Granny Janny!


Now there is some good hands. Four generations.


About that snow…


It’s cold up here!

I read an article the other day about taking pictures and a line from the article stood with me. The author said, “The best camera you have is the one you have with you.” So despite a few seemingly never-ending days, I click away with whatever camera I can find. My point and click, my Mom’s, my SLR, my phone… because even though this whole “life with two” gig is exhausting (“Mommy, will you play with me?”), and at times my mind feels like what I can only describe as “scattered,” I recognize the importance of pausing to record these moments. These special, enjoyable moments.


She’s growing…


New rattle socks from Germany.


More time with good friends.


And our daughters.


Getting to know Granny.


Playing on Mommy’s old baby blanket while listening to music.




Yet sometimes serious and thoughtful.


How about this face?!

Lance recently added the above face to his repertoire of faces. Among the favorites already are: surprised face, happy face, sad face, sleepy face, and funny face. He likes to call his latest face either his “serious” or “mad” face. What a trip!

As the camera clicks on and he utters another “Mommy, will you play with me?”, I think to myself… soon… very soon… his very own playmate by the name of Vivian will be able to take some of the pressure off Mommy, right? They won’t fight will they? They will play nicely just like this. Every single day!





These smiles keep me smiling, even on the tired days when I get nothing done. A good friend sent me a link to two blog posts written by two different Mommy bloggers. Basically, they were about how hard being a Mom is and how even though you want to enjoy and soak up every minute, sometimes that’s just not possible. So, no, I do not enjoy every minute of every day at home with my two little people, but I know I am doing the most important job I will ever do in this life.

At this point, it’s safe for me to say second baby is WAY easier than first baby. The articles also touched on loss of identity when you become a Mom and I definitely went through that with Lance, but now being a stay at home Mom is who I am. Vivian hasn’t changed me as much (yet at least) as I did when I had Lance. I’m also way more relaxed during the newborn stage this second go round. It’s a cruel thing though, and I’ve found myself telling this to a few different people, but you don’t realize how much “down” time you have with your first. Aside from eating all the time, she’s pretty chill in between and I could definitely be resting or sleeping or blogging, but this time I have a two-year-old to chase around. So again, no rest or sleep or blogging! See how cruel life is?

In truth, I cannot complain though. (After all, I’m finding time to blog now aren’t I?) At almost six weeks old already, Vivian is proving to be a good baby. I am actually getting some sleep at night, and at least one semi-nap during the day when Lance is sleeping and I’m either feeding or laying down (or both!) with her.

So while even though I might be “scattered” on some days trying to juggle and meet the demands of two small children, I know I’m doing my best work right now. While at times my mind feels about as cloudy as the visibility in my rearview mirror as I try to see out of the back of a dirty car window during the beginning of a spring thaw in the still snowy parts of Pennsylvania, I am happy.


I REALLY need to find the rear window wiper in this new ride. And soon!

While the pets are lurking and watching (and probably waiting for someone to play with them, too) in midst of it all, we’re having fun.



And while I found myself responding to a stranger’s question in the Court House on Thursday while I was applying for Vivian’s passport (about that first overseas adventure…) by saying “No, I’m just a Mom” when he asked me if I was an attorney (who me?), I instantly regretted the “just” part the minute the words rolled off my tongue. Even though I thought it was funny that he thought I was an attorney, I was mad at myself for slighting my current occupation. Because this Mommy gig – it’s a big deal if you know what I mean. (I would expand more here, but my time is running out (i.e. my kids are waking up) and my brain powers are overtaxed for one day).

Ahh, life with two…


An Instagram moment.

For the time being, we are in a good routine and rhythm up here in Coudersport. In between special moments and countless interruptions the camera still clicks on, as I hear yet another, “Mommy, will you play with me?”


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6 thoughts on ““Mommy, will you play with me?”

  1. I love reading your blog! You’re a very talented writer and sounds like a wonderful mom (as you said, most important job you will ever have). Thanks for telling it like it is.

  2. A lot of times I think stay-at-home moms should have their own special category in the list of occupations. It’s not only a full-time job, it’s a 24/7 job! On another note, Lance is doing a fantastic job with his serious/mad face. Sometimes words aren’t expressive enough, you know? 😉

    • Glad you liked the serious/mad face. Quite the little entertainer, ehh? Thanks for your comment!

      And p.s. Congrats on your upcoming transition! I was excited to read about what is in store for you on your last post.

  3. Wonderfully written, Britta! These moments are the memories of a lifetime!!! Lance and Vivian are absolutely adorable, you are blessed!!

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