SnOw what!

Day 22 in Coudersport here.

We are having a ‘winter’ful time in the chilly northeast. Donning hats, mittens, and scarves daily; bundling up baby with blankets and a car seat cover have become part of our unspoken ritual. Watching for the snow plow to drive by has been a frequent form of entertainment for a certain little boy. Taking pictures of the snow falling outside from INSIDE the house and finding creative ways to stay busy indoors have kept me on my toes. As for the pug dog, he’s hoping to hop on the first plane out of here so he can frolic in warmer weather. Someplace like Barbados. Or Hawaii. The poor thing can hardly stand to go out and do his business with wind chills in the teens.


SnOw what if the vernal equinox was this week and there is still snow on the ground in these parts. Aside from the increase in amount of daylight, there are no signs of spring here. No (sane) birds, no daffodils, and certainly no warming temperatures.

SnOw what, I say!

At least we have our health. At least we have each other. And for goodness sake, at least we have steady supply of Easter candy to comfort us during the cold nights.

Here’s what we have been up to…


Come and Play at the Wellness Center.


Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Jerry the leprechaun at Story Hour.

Stacking cans…



Playing with that “kid in the mirror.”





And when all else fails… playing in the bath tub at various hours of the day…



Lest I mention stretching and growing on warm, fuzzy fleece blankets before my eyes…


In case you are wondering, Lance enjoys pretending to lick the ice cream cone off of Vivi’s nightie.

As for me, I’ve enjoyed time with all these Anderson women in my family…


I have especially enjoyed time with my second cousin Laurissa and her two boys, Silas and Oliver, who are very close in age to Lance and Vivian. How wonderful to connect as Mommy’s and as women during this child rearing point of our lives. We had no problem starting and stopping six or seven different conversions at a time with the occasional singing of Old McDonald in between when necessary. How wonderful to connect with another person in basically the same constantly interrupted head space as me.

Our kids had fun together, too!


Lance (2), Vivian (almost 2 mos), Oliver (4 mos), Silas (2)

For a quick escape, I snuck in a movie outing at the Coudersport Theatre with my Mom and G.S., but basically I am just trying to keep up, rest, and enjoy all at the same time. Every moment of every day is full. Every moment of every day seems nonstop. Sneaking in quiet time and a nap here and there are crucial, but not always a sure thing. I’m on the move most of the time. So it goes with a newborn and a two-year-old. This weekend I look forward to Jan’s homecoming, more time with family, more comfort food, and more snuggles with my little ones before we pack up and head back to Virginia.


Gotta love the old school marquee!

A few days ago, I caught a rare glimpse of the sun flirting with me through the clouds, and I snapped this picture (from INSIDE a heated home of course)…


But no sooner did the snow, and as a bonus that day, sleet, start. Again.



SnOw what, I say!

At least I found the rear window wiper in my car… Ahh, clarity.


It takes a certain toughness to survive in this type of climate, and I’ve been privileged to “tough it” for almost a month now with my family. I will say I’m not sad we aren’t hanging around for the late spring thaw (aka MUD) this year. I’m anxious to get back in my own home with Jan’s daily presence, a car wash, and flip-flops. In fact, I think I’ll go paint my toenails. SnOw what if it’s only 27 degrees today!

Have a wonderful spring weekend everyone!


The Banter Lady


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5 thoughts on “SnOw what!

  1. Hi Britta,
    Thanks for the post, it’s always good to hear from you.
    Don’t forget we’re warm down here and a lot closer than Barbados!
    Rick & Claire

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