Teacher appreciation – to all the teachers out there

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week in the United States. I meant to get this post finalized by last Friday, but well, life happened. Nonetheless, in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week I am listing all of my former teachers from Coudersport, Pennsylvania that I can think of off the top of my head as well as one very special teacher and mentor from Virginia Tech.

Getting off "Bus 3."

Getting off “Bus 3.”


Second grade.


Was I cool or what in my striped get-up and ruffle socks?! HAHA!

Park United Methodist Pre-school:

Mrs. Haskins

Coudersport Elementary School:

Kindergarten – Mrs. Smith

First Grade – Mrs. Rachelle

Second Grade – Mrs. Kehr

Third Grade – Mrs. Erway

Fourth Grade – Mrs. Karhan

Fifth Grade – Mr. Pepper

Sixth Grade – Mr. Matzinger

Others I remember: Mrs. Wetzel, Mrs. Haskins, Mrs. Voorhees, Mrs. Buchanan, Mr. Kelsey, Ms. Ginny, Mr. Streicht, Mr. Hutchison, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Oviatt, Mrs. Castano, Mrs. Todd, Mrs. Hartenbauch

Art – Mr. Borrow

Music – Mr. Spangler & Mr. Eldred

Speech – Mrs. Howard

Gym – Mr. Knapp

Library – Mrs. Fickinger

I'm pretty sure Mark protested having this picture taken.

I’m pretty sure Mark protested having this picture taken, though he is showing a rare smirk for the camera.


Class of 1998 – Virginia Tech bound!

Coudersport Area Junior/Senior High School teachers and staff – Mr. Kuratomi, Mr. Wilkinson, Mrs. Boardman, Mrs. Burlingame, Mrs. Reynolds, Mrs. Sunderland, Mrs. Kirby, Mrs. Frank, Mr. Hensel, Mrs. Morey, Mr. Harpst. Mr. Higley, Mr. Woodard, Mr. Castano, Mr. Simcoe, Mr. Gagat, Mrs. Arbogast, Mr. Merrick, Mr. Dunn, Mr. McCartney, Mr. Barton.

Next there’s college. Dr. Marlene Preston, who mentored me through thick and thin and continues to be a positive presence in my life to this day.

I remember each of these teachers for different reasons that I’m afraid I’ll never find time to go into in any great detail, but I will say this: These teachers shaped who I am as a person today. 

Right now I am doing the hardest job I will probably ever have – I am a stay at home Mom raising two small children in 2013 in the Unites States. Lance is just over two and Vivian is just over three months. I’m exhausted at times, I question myself probably more than I should, my house is a disaster of toys and dirty dishes at the moment, I’m flooded with information from the media that’s beyond unpleasant at times, yet I have a beautiful family that I want to raise right. As I move forward in my parenting journey, I cannot help but think what would my old teachers advise me to do?

Life is simple when you are a child. Or at least it was with the kids I grew up with in Coudersport. We safely played outside all day, we hiked in the woods, we made believe, we argued, we made up, we rebelled against our parents (only occasionally, of course!), we went to school, we had dinner with our families, we played sports, and we did it well. Unfortunately, now my friends and I are not raising our children in simple times in our country. I don’t have any answers today, but I know re-prioritization is a necessity our country. Re-prioritization for the greater good of ALL people in this country. I didn’t intend to go off on this tirade when I started writing this post last week, but these are the words that must be heard today and now.

So like Murray from Sesame Street I am going to wrap up with a word of the day: INTEGRITY.

Think about it friends. And to all the teachers out there, you are tasked with a difficult job. As a scholar of life I bow down to you today and everyday.

To my former teachers, thank you for teaching me the simple ideals with which to live by. Respect others. Do unto others as you would unto you. Be kind. Play nice. Have fun. Tell the truth. Try your best. Share. Work out differences. Cooperate.

When you strip away all the information that overloads and plagues much of young America today, the basics are really all you need to live by. I hope in the coming years there is a shift in our country to simplify ideals and get back to the basics of life (and love).

Before I close, I’d also like to list a few of Lance’s teachers at The Day School where he goes to a Parents Morning Out (PMO) program twice a week.

Ms. Paula

Ms. Amy

Ms. Holly

Ms. Penny

And all others who teach the older children and play supportive roles to the children who attend PMO and pre-school at First Presbyterian Church.

Thank you, Coudy teachers, Go Hokies, and thank you to The Day School teachers!

Make each day better than the last, Friends.


The Banter Lady

p.s. (And I love a good p.s.) A picture of my kids that makes me smile.

They are silly and wild at times, but they are clothed, they have full tummies, a roof over their heads, and all the love that money cannot buy. For today, that’s enough for me.


All ready for summer in his new Spider Man goggles from friends Laura + Phil. Vivi lounging and enjoying the show as always.

Editor’s Note: I know I am missing some good teachers from Coudy and I’m sure I spelled a few last names wrong, please forgive me, I am doing this from memory and I am only one voice today, but I know if I called upon my childhood friends from Coudersport through the years we could make this list grow longer. If you happen to read this and you are from Coudersport, who do you remember?

Editor’s Note✷✷: Special thanks to my late Uncle David for collecting the old photos from my mother’s albums and scanning them a few years ago for me. The memories are priceless.

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4 thoughts on “Teacher appreciation – to all the teachers out there

  1. I remember many of the teachers from the list! Great memories!

    Also throwing in UD was great and a little emotional! He loved scanning in old photographs!


  2. Nothing but pure JOY is felt in my heart while reading this post. LOVED the pictures from your past and in quite impressed with your memory of teachers! The Day School is honored to call you one of our own!! ❤❤❤

  3. It was great growing up in a small town and having great teachers. I am sure you don’t have to be from a small community to have a great teacher. They work so hard to mold the future generations.

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