Up, up and away we go!

We are in Germany! We made it! Hurrah!

Our adventure started early, early on Wednesday morning. And when I say early, I mean our alarm sounded in Danville at 4 a.m. and all four of us were out the door before 5 a.m. – Newark International Airport bound.

On the way to the car, I carried a very sleepy Lance in his pajamas. Before strapping him in his carseat, he utterted, “But hey, I like to sleep,” when I told him it was time to start our adventure.

It’s all about how you frame things with kids so our trip to Germany this time was coined an “adventure” by both Jan & I, therefore our two-year-old naturally followed suit.

He’s super into the Cat and the Hat right now and since the Cat in the Hat goes “On an adventure and the thing-a-ma-jig goes up and away,” it was a nice point of comparison for Lance. We were going to be like the Cat in the Hat!

As we drove north through the Blue Ridge Mountains, I captured this picture of the sun rise.


We made our first stop on I-64 westbound toward I-81 at a McDonald’s. Lance hung on and stayed awake until this stop, but soon fell back to sleep after a few egg McMuffins. Not a peep from Vivian to this point, but she quickly woke up when the car stopped and was ready for her first feeding of the day.

Next stop, fittlingly for me, was at the Welcome Center at the Pennsylvania state line on I-81 northbound. Hello Mason Dixon Line.


Nothing like an outdoor diaper change in the great state of Pennsylvania under the blue sky and warm sunny temps.


I took the wheel for the first time and drove north to I-78 east and headed for Newark. We made one more stop as we closed in on our first destination at a WaWa. My sister-n-law would be so proud!

Jan and Lance raced through another sunny, grassy place to stretch out, eat play, and another feeding for Vivi, our quietest passenger to this point.


Once in Newark, we regrouped, stuffed and packed and organzied last-minute items at The Hilton where we parked our car.

I carried a purse-like diaper bag and Jan carried a backpack. Those two items + two kids + a double stroller is how we rolled in the airport and on the plane. Jan & I each checked a suitcase. Lance could check a suitcase, too, because he had his own ticket/seat for the first time, but we we opted to pack light and take only what we could carry. And let’s face it, a kinder roller-board might be fun for Lance for about five minutes, and then Jan & I would be stuck jockeying more than we could handle.

When we were done unpacking the car, Jan & Vivi stayed back and waited for the shuttle bus while Lance & I parked the car. Teamwork!


Once on the shuttle we were giddy with anticipation for the next leg of our trip. It wasn’t exactly an Amazing Race moment because we were anything but fast, but it was our own little family victory. We were well on our way and everyone was still smiling.


Obtaining our boarding passes was a little chaotic and getting through security was even more chaotic, especially after Vivian’s first (and only, thank God) major blow-out. Funny enough she rolled through security in a shirt and diaper due to the fact that she kind of messed up her pants a little. (I guess that’s a nice way of putting it.) And I got a tiny bit flustered.

Keep moving I told myself and we did.

Yay, we have boarding passes in the bassinet row, which means more leg room and a bassinet for Vivi. And whew! We made it through security with no meltdowns or arrests.


Once on the plane, I’d like to say it was smooth sailing, (errr, ahh, flying) but we did sit on the runway for a good 40 minutes waiting for four passengers whose connection was late. Lucky for them = idle time for us. Boo hoo.

But alas, we took off and, finally, we had a happy little boy singing, “Up and away, we’re flying with the Cat and the Hat today!” Or maybe that was me.



Vivian pretty much slept through take-off. She did voice her irritation while sitting stagnat on the runway, but another feeding and boredom took care of that problem and she snoozed.

Meal time was all part of the adventure, then electronics in the form of the iPad and a Pinocchio movie for Lance carried us through until bedtime.


Vivian rocked the baby bassinet and clearly had the best seat in the house (err, ahh, plane).


Lance slept on the floor in a pile of airline blankets and pillows under the bassinet and his seat became a footrest for me. Both kids slept pretty good, but Jan & I not so much.

Oh well, we’ll catch up on rest this week… We are so excited for the next 10 days of our family adventure.

Our plane landed to yet another early morning sun rise, this time in Berlin, over 4,000 miles from our starting point.


We are in Germany! We made it! Hurrah!

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6 thoughts on “Up, up and away we go!

  1. Thanks for sharing, Britta! I can only hope Kensey does as well as Lance when we fly to Rome next week. I have an iPad, about a hundred dollar store surprises to whip out and, if all else fails, a bag of skittles. 😉 Have a GREAT time! Xo.

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