A ghost story

It was a dark and stormy night. Ok, well actually, it was a bright and sunny afternoon when I noticed a blue ghost in my front yard.

IMG_2675At first I was a little scurred, but then he sat down posing no threat.

IMG_2676After awhile he got up and staggered along, nearly stepping on the pug. I was feeling unsure.

IMG_2694He continued down a small bank toward a ball as his long, blue ghost-train trailed behind him.


When he reached the ball, he lifted up his disguise and I got my first glimpse of the ghost’s face. Apprehension penetrated my veins.


Before I knew it he started coming at me. Right at me. Then that poor little ghost tripped right up the bank.

IMG_2686As I tried to clear out of his way he began to unmask again. I nervously chewed my nails.

But wait, what is this? A friendly ghost? A sweet-faced, friendly ghost? I wanted to believe it, but I couldn’t be sure.

IMG_2688He wandered back to his post to regroup. I quickly wiped the sweat off my brow.

IMG_2693The ghost didn’t make it too far before he fell apart again


Befuddled with irritation, he tried to resume his threat, but I knew better. I knew this was a nice ghost.


He meandered around my front yard some more.


Then walked back down the bank, this time toga-style. Didn’t you know it’s the latest in ghost fashion trending on Pinterest?


The moral of the story? I love ghosts.IMG_2695

Make each day better than the last.


The Banter Lady

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