A pug-cation

Back in the day, I took Luke the pug everywhere – to campus festivities at VT, to the beach, to the bar, to the groomers, to the park. No pug left behind. He slept in my bed, he was the focal point in every photo I took, he was the center of my world. I never forgot to feed him, I always took him places to run around, I posted his picture on Facebook for all the world to admire. And even though his bullseye butt hole was the butt (literally) of all jokes, he is loved beyond reason.

Just don't through me in. My face will become submerged and I might drown.

Just don’t through me in the water. My face will become submerged and I might drown. I prefer four feet on the shore at all times.

Need more fun-loving pug banter? Ok!

Luke & I were solemates. We conquered the world together. His flat face and my tenacity toward life made us an unstoppable team. My cousin once joked, “Luke has a face only a mother could love.” Yes. Yes, indeed. I am his mother, and I love that face and those googly eyes.

Joking and exaggeration aside, Luke was born in 2003. He didn’t come into my life until 2007. He was going through a hard time, found me (or I found him?), and I adopted him right then and there off the streets of Blacksburg. He was a sprightly four years old.

Luke, circa 2007

Luke, circa 2007.

Then when I met Jan, Luke eventually started sleeping on the couch. He was still loved, but he got demoted.

Off to tailgate... Go Hokies!

Off to tailgate… Go Hokies!

Then we got pregnant with Lance. Luke continued to sleep on the couch. No room for a husband, a bump, and a pug. He was still loved, but another demotion.

Then we got pregnant with Vivian. Luke is still sleeping on the couch. Still loved, but yet another demotion.

Nowadays he’s just sort of “there” – a fixture on our couch. But through all the growing pains he’s endured, my pug-lovin’ heart has begun to grow again for ‘ole Lukey-pooky-poo.

You see, he turned ten years old on June 2, 2013. So in honor of his 10th birthday, Jan & I decided to take him on a pug-cation! Ok, not really. We were actually in Germany over his 10th birthday, and I felt kind of bad that he rolled into double-digits in the kennel.

Needless to say, last weekend when Jan & I went on an overnight excursion with two other couples to an undisclosed location, at the last minute, we decided to bring Luke instead of the kids. Finally. A pug-cation!

On our way to the undisclosed location, Jan, Luke, and I stopped in an undisclosed town at an undisclosed dog-friendly restaurant for lunch.

Mind if I join you?

Mind if I join you?

Great, I'll have another!

Great, I’ll have another!

From there on out his pug-cation only got better. He enjoyed the scenery and the company. He frolicked in unending acres of land filled with daisies and butterflies to chase. The sun shone down on his stout pug figure by day, the moon and dark night sky by night.




We might have had fun, too.


And while the guys did guy things, Luke passed the time by licking up morsels under the grill and sniffing the grounds for anything he could potentially eat.

The guys might have had fun, too.


Luke was having such a grand time, he even volunteered to take a group photo. Names of those involved will remain undisclosed due to various forms of debauchery that ensued later that night around a campfire.

Photo of the pro-pug group.

Say “Pug!”

All in good fun. All in good fun, my friends. Luke eventually faded off into a peaceful pug-sleep as he sat around the fire listening to us sing, dance, and laugh. And oh, did we sing, dance, and laugh. There may or may not have been a few coolers of adult and pug-friendly beverages involved.



As they say, a good time was had by all. This tuckered out pug face says it all. A pug-cation celebration.

Life will never be the same again for ole Luke-pooky-poo. Gone are the days of traveling with only me, then only Jan & me. Now we travel family style and do the best we can to accommodate our senior pug. Lance and Vivian don’t know life without him and he is certainly still a very important part of our family.


To Luke the pug,

I haven’t forgotten about you, and I hope you enjoyed your pug-cation as much as you enjoyed Jan and my wedding reception that you so famously attended.

In some ways I’d like you to live out your senior years in the woods, frolicking freely, and drinking Miller-Lite, but instead you’ll have to settle for life as you now know it – with me plus 3.Β 

Good grief. This is getting more dramatic than a reality show. Move over Kate plus 8.


I’ll stop.

Pug you later!

The Banter Lady

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5 thoughts on “A pug-cation

  1. My favorite blog yet! LOVE THIS and can so relate. You’ve inspired me to take a ‘lab’-cation with our dog soon πŸ™‚ How true it is that they get demoted! PS: Miss you Britta!

  2. Funny stuff! I was watching Lady and the Tramp the other day and it made me feel bad that our life doesn’t revolve around Henry anymore the way it used to. Good for you for taking a special trip with Luke, sans kids. I’m sure it was the highlight of his life πŸ™‚ Oh, and I’m glad you had fun too- you deserve it!

  3. I’m sure Luke appreciated you guys taking him out after so many demotions. Thank goodness he still has his place on the couch though, right? Fun stuff! Glad you got some breathing time away from being a mom as well. πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Lillian – the “breathing” time was wonderful. Also, your comment about “Luke still has his place on the couch…” cracked me up! Hope you are doing well my blogger friend!

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