5 kid-friendly heat busters

Hot? Sticky? Humidity got you down?

Yes, yes, and yes for me.

Dog days, cat days, hippopotamus days, or whatever else you want to call them, they are here for the long haul in southern Virginia. Soaring temps reaching the 90’s and blazing sunshine on most days makes it challenging for anyone with little ones that love being outside. Because some days, it’s just too dang hot for comfort for my littles and me.

What to do? What to do?

This weekend Jan & I came up with a few heat busters to keep the brood cool, hydrated, and entertained. Most on my list are obvious, like submerge yourself in water. Duh. Shed your winter coat. Duh.

Nevertheless, I’ll share my kid-friendly list and some recent photos of the kiddos staying cool.

1. Find them a body of water.

Basically, any body of water will work – a pool, an ocean, a sea, a lake, a stream, a creek, a plastic baby pool, or a bucket. If you have already allowed your kids to swim in a pool, an ocean, a sea, a lake, a stream, a creak, a plastic baby pool and a bucket, a mid-day swim in the tub will do. Fill it up and cool off your  kids to pass the time during the heat of the day if they’ve maxed out their TV allowance by 10 AM like my kids. Bonus: They come out clean.



2. Hose ’em off.

‘Nuff said.



Great fun, but all this water pressure almost made Lance lose his drawers. (No fear – see tip 3).



Warning: They may turn the tables on you.

3. Take off all their clothes!

Lounging under a shady tree.

Lounging under a shady tree.

Hey look, I have toes!

Hey look, I have toes!



While this tactic might get an adult arrested in most major municipalities, it’s a refreshing strategy for the little ones. Add in a bowl of strawberries and you’ve got yourself one happy camper ready to crash for a nice long summer’s nap.

NOTE: If you live out in the boondocks I don’t see why this strategy cannot apply to any and all, so long as you have a full can of bug spray.

4. Serve a daily dose of Watermelon.

Watermelon has become a food group in and of itself for Lance. Sticky, yet satisfying and rehydrating.


5. Cheat on TV allowance.

Seriously. I don’t feel bad if I’ve done 1-4 and we are still hot, especially on the 100+ degree days. May as well let them watch another round of TV in their comfy clothes with the A/C on full blast. Blanket, snacks and teethers optional. Thank you, Elmo for rounding out the list.


So go on, what are you waiting for?

It’s summertime people – get going and have fun!


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