Kid palooza in Blacksburg

Last Sunday at this time I was uploading and editing pictures from our day trip to Blacksburg. This week we’ve stayed close to home, and I really have no excuse for not getting a few pictures posted sooner. Well, other than my temporary snake paralysis that has fortunately eased up a little – no more snake sightings or egg laying “Mommy” snakes lingering in my lawn (that I know of at least). Cringe. I hope this is the last time I have to think about or type the word snake in my blog. Just looking at the word is starting to give me the creeps again. Cringe.

In other parts of the state, where children in one household hatch every few years, live The Tracy’s. Throw in the Green’s + our family and we’ve got ourselves a party. A party with nine cousins and second cousins in all ranging from just over five months to almost ten years old. Wait, plus two friends for part of the day makes eleven!


From l-r around the table: Fenton, Harrison, Ainsley, Lance, Teddy, Fiona, Gus, and Dorian. Missing: Vivian

Vivian will have to wait a little longer to take her place around the table for grilled cheese, watermelon, and cheese puff partying, but she did hold her own in the hat wearing department.


For adult entertainment outdoors, I personally got a kick out of seeing how many kids could fit into this small pool at one time.


Did you know it’s possible to cannonball into one of these pools? Look closely – Fenton (yellow shirt) will show you how it’s done.


Lance tried hard at being a contender in a squirt gun fight, but he only managed to squirt himself in the face a few times. Maybe next year Champ.

Back inside, Melanie, Rachel, and I took our standard self-portrait while enjoying an adult beverage and sneaking some chocolate from a secret stash while the kids weren’t looking. Not sure where the husband’s/Daddy’s were, but I am pretty sure they were either out having beers, standing by the grill, and/or avoiding the camera. Slick little suckers.

Vivan photo bombed.

Vivian photo bombed.

My favorite photo of the weekend is of Melanie and Vivian, taken not long after we arrived, meeting each other for the first time.

Mutual __ from the start.

Mutual affection from the start.

When it was time to feed the troops again they organically set up camp outside. After having five kids, Rachel sure hasn’t lost her touch when it comes to feeding the masses in the midst of chaos a party. Corn on the cob anyone?


Communal kid palooza.

Before it was time to go home, I laid Vivian down to put on her jammies, and all of a sudden the boys noticed her from what seemed like the first time all day. She played a pretty low-key role in the swimming hole and squirt gun fight so I think she might have been overlooked a little to this point.

A little Vivien Leigh (aka Scarlett O'Hara) amongst the boys.

A little Vivien Leigh (aka Scarlett O’Hara) among the boys.

As always a fun day with family! I’ve always been close with my cousins – all of them – even the ones not pictured here. How lucky am I?! And now our kids are getting to make similar childhood memories with each other.

Maybe next time we will reconvene at a bigger swimming hole…

Cousins - 1985

Cousins – 1985

Have a great Sunday!


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