Beachy keen

Ever heard of the response “peachy keen” in reply to a question of well-being?

How are you?

Peachy keen!

That pretty much sums up life around here. Peachy keen. (or dandy or spiffy or swell or terrific)

I’ve had a bit of an unintentional blogging hiatus due in part to a week at the beach. The other part due to sheer idleness around here as we laze through our summer days at home. Walks around the neighborhood, playing in the yard, visiting with neighbors, and finding other amusing, imaginative, and low-key ways (pool anyone? coloring? singing? dancing?) to entertain the kids has made for a slow pace. So grab a cookie, maybe a glass of milk, and relax with me.

As a blogger, I tend to calculate the days in between each post. That’s what bloggers do. We like to stick to a regular blogging schedule and when we get off track, our internal balance gets shifted. It’s been over two weeks since my last post – far too long for my taste – yet I find myself wobbling into a super laid back mode about it all.

So even though I haven’t had much get-up-and-go to write a post, as always, I’m composing thoughts and writing in my mind daily. Today I’m just kind of rolling with the punches and  typing whatever rolls of my fingertips.

I mentioned the beach. It’s hard to not be laid back while you’re at the beach. Well, unless you are toting two giant beach bags full of towels, toys, diapers, wipes, snacks, a tent, a Bumbo, and beach chairs while pushing a six-month old baby in a jogging stroller and simultaneously trying to convince a two-year-old it’s ok if the sand gets in his water shoes.

So how was it you ask?

Beachy keen, of course!

Want to see a few pictures?


Sand everywhere (even in all the unmentionable places), salt water on our tongues, shells galore, summer sun, the smells of sunscreen all around, and the sounds of the motion of the ocean makes for time well spent with family and all those fuzzy feelings being at the beach stirs up in me.

That said, no time for sissies here – I’d stuff my beach bags and sling them over my shoulders, hitch up the stroller, and pack snacks day after day all over again just to get that feeling.

Bottom line: the beach rules, even with two littles and all their gear.

Vivian got her first toe touch in the ocean, and Lance played in the sand like it was his job.

Since we’ve been home the kids and I have been spending our days together in a peaceful existence. I take care of them, they make my heart grow. I hug them, they hug me back. Vivian even reached her arms out for me for the first time on Saturday.

Over the weekend the four of us had a peachy keen time. We weren’t at the beach, but we were home. As a family. 

I guess time at the beach brings that into perspective for me. It’s nice to “be away” and “get out of the house,” but that’s what makes being back at home so much sweeter. As a stay-at-home-Mom it’s easy to get cabin fever from time to time. My personality has a lot to do with that, too. I like to stay busy and be on the go, but having children has altered my pace of life drastically. I’m still able to do a lot of the things I enjoy – like go to the beach – it just makes for a more, um, interesting adventure.

Over the last week I’ve felt gladness to be back in our own space, operating under our own sense of time (aka the kid’s schedules), and living under a kid zoned roof. The gear is finally unpacked, two children are currently snoring, and I need another cookie.

Or peach cobbler since ’tis the season for peaches.

Then life would truly be peachy keen.

(I’m a dork).


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