The last of the popsicles

As summertime comes to a close, figuratively speaking, it’s the last of popsicles time of year. The last of the corn on the cob, the watermelon, the hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, and the long days. Back-to-school pictures, well wishes for teachers, and parents rejoicing flood social media outlets. Beach toys are packed away until next year, sand is vacuumed from cars, bathing suits and towels are washed, and pool toys are stored.


It started off drip-free, though I did pre-emptively take off his shirt.


The grasp got firmer, but we were still drip-free.


Then the touching began.


The inefficient licking.


The pauses in between bites to admire his arm tattoos as the dripping began.


The sticky face.


The evil Mommy-is-going-to-have-to-clean-this-up face.


The tasty enjoyment.


The melting.


The falling apart in hands.


The juice squeezing fist pump of glory.


The banishment to the yard (that was all me!).


To the last of the popsicles.

For our family, we just took the last of our summer trips – to Coudersport this time – where said popsicle was consumed. We enjoyed campfires, starry nights, a swim in my grandparents pond, family gatherings, and for me, one night of drinking one (or four) too many beers with old friends at a class reunion.

Fifteen year reunion of my teeny tiny small, yet totally tight group of friends.

Fifteen year reunion of my teeny tiny, yet totally tight group of friends. It was like an eighth grade dance – girls on one side, boys on the other!

As for Vivian, she is just as wiggly, giggly, squishy, and smily as ever. She’s trying new foods, and so far, only thinking about crawling. Most of the time she is content to watch Lance and see how she can get every toy within reach into her mouth. Most notably, somewhere on the way home between Coudersport and Danville her first two teeth appeared. I guess when you are a baby on a ten-hour car ride with nothing better to do, you may as well grow teeth!

Little sister doing what she does.

Little sister doing what she does.

This week Lance started two-year-old pre-school at The Day School. He loves his friends and teachers and enjoyed two days this week of free play, circle time, playground time, and even a water day today. Next week they will start chapel and music. Also next week, Vivian will join the fun and attend her first Parents Morning Out at The Day School. I’m a little apprehensive because she and I have been attached at the hip since she was born, but I know from experience with Lance it’ll be healthy for both of us to have a few hours apart each week.

Other than that, I’m trying to keep it simple around here. No pressure on the kids or myself. No new back-to-school clothes. No off the charts school supplies list. I did buy Lance his first backpack that he can use for the next several years, but I cracked up just watching him wear it on his little back as he trudged to the car.



My kids are still so young (please God, keep them that way forever) that I’m pretty disconnected from the real back-to-school joys and/or dramas. Yet it’s hard not to feel it when school buses are back on the roads, Facebook is filled with first-day pictures, and acquaintances are already consumed with homework helping each night. One of the big things this year is taking a picture of your child by a chalkboard or holding a sign with his/her age, grade, the date, and what he/she wants to be when they grow up. Cute idea, but I didn’t do that with Lance – he’s two people. Although for kicks the other night, I did ask him what he wanted to be when he grows up. For the record he said, “A ghost.”

Ghosts mean Halloween and Halloween means fall. The first smells of falling leaves are already in the air, and if you get up early enough there’s a nice cool chill in the air that screams (pun intended) fall. Pumpkins, mums, apple cider, crunchy leaves on the ground, football, festive fall fun, homework and all are upon us.  Summer vacations have come and gone as a new season emerges.

Mentally, I feel like I’m reeling myself in from my own vacation even though it’s been non-stop time with the kids, travel, and summer fun. I’ve started the process of researching and tossing around new writing and blogging ideas, making fall to-do’s for my smidgen of free time, and trying to find new ways to use my time efficiently while simultaneously working in exercise and maintaining a healthy disposition between mother, wife, and writer. No supermom here, but I think it’s a natural shift that many people experience this time a year. A transition from lazy summer days to motivation and new energy.

Goodbye summer, hello fall.

Here’s to making the most out of this “new start” time of year!


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3 thoughts on “The last of the popsicles

  1. Thanks for the wonderful blog post… Again! I do have to say that I am pretty proud of my last minute 8:15am idea on the first day of school chalkboard pic… It was funny and spontaneous as are most of my mornings! Glad we all survived the first week of school for all our babes!!

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