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I recently signed up for National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) through BlogHer, a media company specialized in blogging and social media. Basically all this means is that I have to publish a blog post everyday throughout the month of October, except Saturday’s and Sunday’s. The theme this month is simply: FALL. I have no idea what blogging every day will be like, but I do know that every single time I write, I learn something new. I’m excited to see what it will be this month. Now come on everybody, FALLow along with me!

Vivian was sick all day yesterday. It started with a runny nose at the end of last week, and by yesterday it had worsened. What started as a pesky ailment developed into a low-grade fever, a baby girl who wanted held all day, and a poor appetite. She’s doing better today, but we are home taking it easy on this stormy, rainy day. On top of all that, it’s Monday, and we all know how Monday’s are.

That all said, I am sharing some funnies and some “happies” from our life over the last week. Before the sick baby; before the storm.

Let’s start with this funny, especially for Vivian, video that is sure to make you smile.

If that didn’t do it for you, how about two babies back-to-back in a baby swing?


The funnies and happies kept coming throughout the week. I played kickball, I ran in a 5K, then on Saturday, I volunteered at the Imagine Children’s Festival. My time was part of a service initiative by the Junior Wednesday Club of Danville, which I am a member. After my shift I had the opportunity to give the aerial trapeze a whirl. I balked at first, but since Jan & the kids hadn’t arrived I figured this was my chance to be a kid.

Swing, feet up, hang upside-down, swing, back flip dismount!

Photo credits: Ashley Wales

Best decision ever. So much fun, and I can now check the aerial trapeze off my bucket list. I even got a second chance in the air when Jan & the kids arrived. Jan captured my acrobatics on video because of course I will need proof and validation when I am in my nineties that I seized the day in my thirties. Thank you hubby!

After that, it was back to being a Mom again and letting Lance do the decision-making and exploring the many activities the festival had to offer.

First slushy.

First slushy.

All by himself. I said a silent prayer that I didn't have to squeeze in their with him and get dizzier than I already was from the trapeze.

I said a silent prayer that I didn’t have to squeeze in there with him and get dizzier than I already was from the trapeze.


Lance wants to be a ghost for Halloween…


So of course he asked for a ghost!


Did somebody say balloon animals?


Wishes do come true.


Balloon animal man makes swords, too. Great.

Yesterday we picked out our first pumpkin after reviewing the many options. There were round ones, tall ones, big-stemmed ones, no-stemmed ones, lumpy ones, and lopsided ones.


Which one shall we pick?

We even got some gourds, too, because who doesn’t love gourds to accent fall decor this time of year?

Whew, I feel better. Monday’s aren’t so bad after all. Not if you get to re-cap all the funnies and happies you’ve had before the sickies and stormies.

I’m sure in no time the sun will be shining down on us again as we look forward to more fall activities to come this month.

Now for Vivi’s nose to stop running…


The Banter Lady

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7 thoughts on “Monday funnies

    • You should definitely do it, Angela. I watched several people go ahead of me and basically studied the routine until I thought I could do it myself. The key is listening to the instructor who gives the commands, letting your body glide with the motions, and blocking everything else out.

  1. Oh that sounds like such a good time! You are going to be the most fun mom ever! Though I have to say as one mother to another I was looking for your cape and Wonder Woman outfit! Wow! You do so much, it’s very impressive! Your kids look so happy. Isn’t being a mom great? I don’t think there is ever a day that isn’t funny around here, lol!

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