Pumpkin face brownie

Today’s post is a reblog from last October that’s been gaining momentum on Pinterest.
Pumpkin face brownie – bake, frost, and decorate to create this festive fall treat. Great Halloween dessert for kids!

Happy baking… and pinning this Halloween. Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you get to jump in a pile of leaves.

Britta's Banter

When I was growing up, my mom used to make what I like to call a “pumpkin face brownie” every Halloween and/or Thanksgiving. As I got older, I became fond of this tradition and even loved to help create the brownie through the years. When I got even older and moved into my own place and had a huge Halloween party one year, my roommate and I knew we needed to serve something other than keg-beer. Good ole pumpkin face brownie to the rescue. Now as a Mommy (let’s leave the even older part out this time), this morning I found myself making this classic with my little boy to take to a family Halloween party tomorrow night.

Not sure where my mom got the recipe idea, I googled for “pumpkin face brownie” and did a search on Pinterest for “pumpkin brownie” and all it did was make me hungry…

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