F-A-L-L does not spell Christmas

Greetings Readers!

I recently signed up for National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) through BlogHer, a media company specialized in blogging and social media. Basically all this means is that I have to publish a blog post everyday throughout the month of October, except Saturday’s and Sunday’s. The theme this month is simply: FALL. I have no idea what blogging every day will be like, but I do know that every single time I write, I learn something new. I’m excited to see what it will be this month. Now come on everybody, FALLow along with me!

F-A-L-L spells fall. I’m actually a little ashamed that I even allowed myself to put that word that starts with a “C” and ends in a “mas” in the title of this post.

There are so many reasons to love fall and to simply embrace this time of year instead of letting the upcoming holiday season flood your haystack. I love fall because… are you ready for this? I am about to do it. I am about to get crazy in an elementary school kind of way. Yep, I’m going to give a reason for every letter in the word fall. [This type of writing is code for writer’s block].

With no further ado…

F stands for football. Can I get a “Go Hokies!”?

A stands for apple. A big, juicy, crunchy, red apple right off a tree and into my tummy.

L stands for leaf and leaves. Allow me to rake them, jump in them, toss them in the air, smell their earthy goodness, and crunch them under my feet.

stands for lover. I am a lover of all things fall.

I also love F-A-L-L because it is a short word, and I didn’t have to think of too many reasons within limited parameters. That last L was a stretch.

Now for the high school portion of this post. Did you figure out the double-meaning in my reasons if you use F-A-L-L as an acronym, and not just a word meaning the season after summer and before winter often referred to as autumn?

Like all good acronyms, they abbreviate a some sort of title.

For example, FALL stands for Football Apple Leaf Lover.

What that means is… Never mind. I have no idea what that means. Boy, these last few sentences are doing nothing for my writer’s block.

In an attempt to get back on point, I’d like to mention that as soon as Lance and Vivian wake up from their naps, we are going outside. We are going to enjoy this sunny fall afternoon and talk about all the signs of fall happening around us. Then tonight we are going to watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Why? Because it’s F-A-L-L and this is what one should do.


This weekend I’m going to buy a Mum and finishing decorating my fall door ornament. I am going to eat candy corn until I get a stomach ache. I am going to drink warm apple cider. I am going to wear orange.

What I am not going to do is think about that big holiday in December that tends to overcrowd the fall season. I think you know what I am talking about so let’s not go there.

Instead, here are a few bonus reasons why I love fall. No hidden play-on-words or nonsensical acronyms involved. Aside from all the obvious reasons (pumpkin everything) here are a few more personal reasons…

– butternut squash soup with a hunk of warm, crusty bread

– thick, fuzzy, fleecy socks

– cozy quilts and blankets

– atmospheric dim lights in the early evening as it gets dark

– the sound of the heater kicking on

– jeans and sweaters and ski hats

– unshaved legs tucked neatly into tall boots

– ghourds and Indian corn


To emphasize just how much I love fall (fyi: this is the clincher, apparently my writing brain just woke up), I will leave you with few fall slogans I came up with. Eat your heart out Don Draper…

F-A-L-L: The new most wonderful time of the year.

F-A-L-L: The calm before hectic holiday gatherings, travel plans, guests, pressure-ridden shopping, expensive parties, weight gain, and unwanted commercial influences.

F-A-L-L: That sweet spot in between seasons to breathe the crisp air and enjoy the spice of life.

I wouldn’t say I nailed it, but at least I didn’t let the cobwebs (pun intended) scare me away from the keyboard today.


The Banter Lady (Otherwise known as Scrooge today)

Editor’s note: Don’t worry I’ll rock my red and green spirit in December. I just get all up in arms when the original most wonderful time of the year tries to nudge the fall season out-of-the-way. I’m very touchy that way. Ode to fall!

F-A-L-L: ‘Tis the season right here, right now. Go carve a pumpkin.


To read yesterday’s post click here: Pumpkin without a face

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10 thoughts on “F-A-L-L does not spell Christmas

  1. I love your post!!! Everything you said about Fall, is what I think 🙂 If that is your writers block, I bet your other post are amazing!!! That was just so cool 🙂 Fall is a time just to enjoy without thinking about the next holiday!!! YES YES YES!! and I loved when you said, “F-A-L-L: That sweet spot in between seasons to breathe the crisp air and enjoy the spice of life.”

    Probably my favorite one 🙂 ~ Have a blessed day!!

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  3. I was with you all the way until you got to unshaved legs tucked neatly into tall boots… Lounging in front of the fire with champagne a good book, good music and a good man sounds better to me. Thanks for writing! Been enjoying your daily posts.

    • I definitely need to add that one to my list! After I posted this story I was thinking how I should have added something about drinking red wine while cooking dinner or reading a book. I like the way you put it better. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  4. Amen, honey! Although I don’t really understand football, I have a general idea that in order to get a touchdown you must put the puck through the goal without using your hands; nothin’ but net! I am of course surrounded by Hokie Birds, so I’m picking up a few things. My favorite part is the boots and sweaters though! And flat bottomed boots are in style! I’m so excited! I can’t wear heels and I walk with a cane, so I can get some pretty little flat boots and go stomping through the leaves! Yay fall!

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