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I recently signed up for National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) through BlogHer, a media company specialized in blogging and social media. Basically all this means is that I have to publish a blog post everyday throughout the month of October, except Saturday’s and Sunday’s. The theme this month is simply: FALL. I have no idea what blogging every day will be like, but I do know that every single time I write, I learn something new. I’m excited to see what it will be this month. Now come on everybody, FALLow along with me!

As part of National Blogging Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), I agreed to blog everyday this month. Not counting Saturday’s and Sunday’s there are 23 possible blogging days in October. Today’s post will be number 12. Therefore I am a little over half-way toward completing my goal. Or 52.17% of the way there if you are into percentages. Or 12/23 if you like fractions. Or 12 days down, 11 to go if you like countdowns.

I think you get the point.

When I taught Communications Skills to freshmen at VT one of the student assignments was to write a progress report in Memo format. Around mid-term students are asked to write specific information on how they were doing in the class to that point and what goals they still needed to work on for the remainder of the semester. My mentor used to like to call this temperature checking. In some sports the proper term is half-time but more or less has the same objective – to re-group and move forward. In theater intermission refers to a mid-show period of time to give performers a chance to rest and rally for a strong a finish.

A quick NaBloPoMo progress report:

I am pleased with the blogging progress I’ve made this month. So far, I’ve been able to blog everyday during the week. I’ve regrouped and steered clear of the computer on weekends. One interesting observation I’ve made is that making this commitment has almost made me feel like I have another job besides SAHM. Writing the blog is still just for fun, but publishing a daily story has been a project. Heck, writing this progress report even feels business-like, while taking the weekends off from blogging has felt like a vacation from “work” so to speak.

I won’t bore you with any more writers speak, but I will highlight a few other areas of progression in my life. Just for fun 🙂

For one, Vivian’s development. A baby’s first year of life is a series of new learned skills and insurmountable growth that unfold in the blink of an eye. It seems like only yesterday I was introducing rice cereal to my baby girl, and already she has no patience to wait for me to feed her purées. She wants to self-feed like nobody’s business.

I can do it myself, Mama.

I can do it myself, Mama.

She’s all too quickly closing in on nine months, and although she is not crawling, she is making progress. Over the last few days I’ve seen more signs of her interest and attempts to go after toys out of reach or move in a preferred direction. She is making progress toward utilizing newfound mobility (yikes!) skills, and exercising a strong will based on her preferences.

Little sister has a will to make a move.

Thinking about it...

Thinking about it…

Making a move...

Making a move…

Temperature checking. How am I doing?

Temperature checking. How am I doing?

Now if I could only get this other leg back.

Now if I could only get this other leg back.

Lance is making progress, too. He continues to amaze me with his language, and our daily conversations usually provide me with a fair amount of humor.

Yesterday when he woke up from his nap he looked at me all round-eyed and said, “Mommy, I was dreaming about a lollipop!”

Then last night before bed, as we were saying his prayers, he said, “I pray for the glue stick at school,” with the utmost amount of seriousness he could muster. The child genuinely loves a sticky glue stick and will go out of his way to get one in his possession. Apparently he must have used one yesterday at school and was very grateful for such good fortune.

Today a neighbor told him to turn the porch light off after blatantly being told not to turn it on in the first place. He shrugged and said, “I’ll see what I can do.”

New experiences surround his everyday life as his little mind continues to expand. He is learning new letters, songs, acts of kindness, and ways to explore his world at pre-school each week. Yesterday he had the opportunity to “drive” a real fire truck.


Photo credit: Erin Parris of The Day School

Slow down your fire truck little man or I might have to put the brakes on your progress! You are growing up WAY TOO FAST.

Nonetheless, progress is everywhere. This fall is a progression toward winter. The leaves in southern Virginia are starting to change colors before they eventually fall off and flutter to the ground.


Even I am making progress toward new writing aspirations. I submitted a story to Evince, a local monthly magazine. And guess what? November’s theme is PROGRESS. I kid you not. It’s all coming together folks. I just love it when various aspects of my life run in tandem with one another and I can pinpoint themes. Today on this twelfth day of blogging in October I am mindful to look for meaningful types of progression all around me.

I look forward to writing the rest of October. As the month has progressed I’ve jotted down a few ideas to keep me sailing along until Halloween. Lot’s more to come!

But right now, one thing I am not making progress on is cleaning up the kitchen or folding laundry. Maybe I’ll get to it in November after NaBloPoMo… or at best, after my nap… Zzzzzzzz.


The Banter Lady

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11 thoughts on “Progress report

  1. Excellent progress being made. I love your writing. And I had no idea you taught communication skills at Tech. I was a Comm major at Radford but did my internship in the PR dept at the Vet School.

    • Aha! Now it is obvious to me how you became a writer, too. I’ve been enjoying being COMMrades (misspelled play on words) together. Hope you are enjoying all the blogging this month!

  2. I am having so much fun with this NaBloPoMo thing. You’re right, it is a job though. I sit down every day and try to think of something funny that may have happened. I am not following BlogHer’s prompts, I like to write humorous essays, so sometimes I just stare at the screen, wide eyed, until something smashes into my brain. I like the way you write and good luck on the article!

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  4. Vivian is closing in on nine months?? Seems to me like she was just born! Of course, given that our correspondence is all digital, our perceptions of time can get a little warped. Congrats on making it halfway through NaBloPoMo! I’m impressed that you have yet to hit a wall 😉 (knock on wood)

    • Somehow I keep pulling more content out of my brain. It’s interesting because blogging everyday has been easier than I anticipated. Apparently I have a lot to say! Either that or I’m conditioned to write now… I know I won’t keep it up in November. I’m sure my audience is like, she’s writing AGAIN…

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