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Greetings Readers!

I recently signed up for National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) through BlogHer, a media company specialized in blogging and social media. Basically all this means is that I have to publish a blog post everyday throughout the month of October, except Saturday’s and Sunday’s. The theme this month is simply: FALL. I have no idea what blogging every day will be like, but I do know that every single time I write, I learn something new. I’m excited to see what it will be this month. Now come on everybody, FALLow along with me!

I was going to call this post Fall foto or Favorite fall foto for added alliteration, or even Phall Photo, but in the end I decided I wouldn’t be clever.

So here it is… simply a fall photo taken into the sun through the changing leaves and soon baron trees from last year.


The location of this scene is a very special place near and dear to my heart. On down the dirt road is the home where I grew up in out in the country. By now peak leaf season is probably over up north, but during the first week of October it’s still the prettiest place I know.

A few weeks ago, my cousin over at Angela Travels (great travel blog if interested) asked Where is your favorite place to experience fall?

This place and this photo immediately popped into my mind.

Then I remembered this one my Mom took of me dragging my first-born up the hillside pregnant with my now second-born just so my first-born and I could sit on the bank in the sun admiring the colorful leaves in the most beautiful Mother/Son moment anyone had ever seen. My Mom was laughing at me so she took a picture of my antics.


But really, it was just SO important to Lance that we do this. He practically begged. Even though he wasn’t even two, this was his dire wish. How could I deprive him of this? Really, I didn’t care either way, but since he insisted… I thought well, ok son. Can’t you see how happy he is in the football hold? Can’t you just imagine how happy the baby jostling around in my uterus during the hill climb must have felt?

My poor kids, it’s only going to get worse for them with me as their Mom.

Just kidding.

We’ll make more wonderful memories of their choosing in the future. I promise!


Good afternoon. I’ll stop there for today.


The Banter Lady

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11 thoughts on “Fall photo

  1. I just love the fall in PA. Nothing really compares because it is home and has so many memories. I remember driving around and taking pictures with my 35mm camera in high school. I sure miss using film cameras. I might just take pictures with my SLR (no “D”) for a fun weekend photo project! Thanks for linking to my blog 🙂

  2. Fall is my favorite time of year. Great photos. Also, shows you how much I paid attention to the rules. I thought we had to post on weekends! I pretty much post every day anyway right now just because YUM is so new, but I need some weekend time!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I would love to see PA in the fall. And yes, you all looked thrilled to be trekking up the hill. 🙂 But these are how memories are made. Now, you need a picture with both kids in football holds while trekking up said hill!

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