These shorter, darker days

Greetings Readers!

I recently signed up for National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) through BlogHer, a media company specialized in blogging and social media. Basically all this means is that I have to publish a blog post everyday throughout the month of October, except Saturday’s and Sunday’s. The theme this month is simply: FALL. I have no idea what blogging every day will be like, but I do know that every single time I write, I learn something new. I’m excited to see what it will be this month. Now come on everybody, FALLow along with me!

Have you noticed yet?

The days are getting shorter and darker. In the evenings the sun is setting earlier and earlier leading us toward the winter solstice. The first weekend in November is right around the corner. We will set the clocks back making the hours of daylight even more precious.

With shorter, darker days comes cold. With cold comes more layers of clothing. With more layers of clothing comes snow. With snow comes red cheeks. With red cheeks comes hot chocolate cravings. With hot chocolate comes lazy afternoons. With lazy afternoons comes  an evening glass of red wine. With a glass of red wine comes a warm plate of comfort food.

My Mom sent me this picture this morning of her snow-covered deck in Northern Pennsylvania. She awoke to a light dusting of the white stuff. Already.


October 24, 2013

She sent it to Jan, my brother, sister-n-law, and me since none of us live there.

Jan responded first with a “Wow”

(Very open for interpretation, honey. Wow as in… How great, I love snow! or Wow as in… Sucks to be you! Knowing my husband, I am pretty sure he meant the latter in the nicest way possible).

Marisa responded next with a “Pretty!”

(Pretty straight forward – the girl is open to snow).

I responded with a “No thanks!”

(Again straight forward – You can have it)

Keefe didn’t respond at all as typical.

(No one ever really knows what he is thinking).

Almost 500 miles south from this scene and here in Southern Virginia we only have to think about snow once or sometimes twice a year, but it is getting colder here over night. That’s for sure. The kids wore their new winter hats to school this morning and Vivian is already sporting a runny nose.

With the onset of chilly mornings, I find myself constantly having more “dress down days” and not just on Friday’s. Sweatpants and sweatshirts call my name almost daily from the bottom of my drawers as I phase out short sleeves for the cold season ahead.

Soon we’ll adjust to less play dates at the park with friends, hibernation around the neighborhood, higher heat bills, less motivation to run, and more togetherness indoors.

But oh fall, do let me rush you down yonder. Oh fall, please do not let me rush you. I will take as many more days to play in the fallen leaves and sunny afternoons as I can get.

After all, we still need to carve our pumpkin. Lest I mention trick-or-treat on Halloween. Preferably our jack-o-lantern will not need a corn cob pipe and a button nose and my child will not have to dress as the abominable snowman.

More fall fun to come… let’s just hope my family up in Pennsylvania doesn’t have to get out their snow shovels too early this year.


The Banter Lady

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7 thoughts on “These shorter, darker days

  1. I miss seeing snow in the city (though the mountains have tons of it). I have to drive a few hours to see it. Even though it is great that I can choose when I get to see/play in it, I still miss the first snowfall of the season. I remember being giddy when it was snowing a little north of Seattle on my way to work. Nothing beats seeing first snowfall.

  2. Bring the snow! 🙂 I love it. But I drove up north yesterday,and the leaves on the Blue Ridge were just brilliant. I don’t want to rush fall either

  3. We had our first flurries here in Metro Detroit and I am so not ready for this!! The only consolation is the hope that we can ride our snowmobiles this year. Lack of snow and Saturday overtime has kept us from our winter sport the last few years. Other than that, the snow can stay north! 🙂

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