A clean slate

A few housekeeping items today…

First, I’m all done with BlogHer’s October National Blogging Post Month. Back to “business” as usual on the blog. I will continue to write the banter as a family blogger with a focus on anecdotes from parenting and motherhood, as well as other random topics that surface from bursts of inspiration. For writers, it’s hard to predict when and where inspiration will strike, but when it does, you kind of have to run with it because it pours onto the page at lightning speed.

Writers can’t say, well I only write about parenting or I only write about cooking. A blog is a unique space for a writer to write about whatever he/she sees fit within as tight or as loose parameters as deemed appropriate by the author. I have certainly branded myself as a family blogger the past two and a half years, but it’s ok to stray from that too and cross over to other subject matters.

On that note, thank you for all the feedback and responding to the “where to go from here…” question. A few times a year (say four) I find myself looking for feedback and identifying new ways to stretch myself as a writer. I try to package what I’ve accomplished with future goals, highlighting pertinent milestones. It’s kind of like writing a quarterly report. The feedback and conclusions I gained from the reader poll allowed me to confidently state that Britta’s Banter is here to stay for a while, and I will simultaneously continue to submit articles to other print and online publications as a way to broaden my audience and challenge myself. I don’t have to get so crazy as to stick to a rigorous editorial calendar, but planning to post once or twice a week and publish an article outside my blog once per month seem like good places to start.

Now then.

It’s the sixth day of November and the first time I’ve blogged this month. A much-needed writing vacation was in order after a month of blogging in October. Much like a runner needs a week or two of couch time and fast food after a marathon, a writer needs a week or two away from the keyboard after a writing splurge. Inevitably a runner will get back to the trail; eventually a writer will open a new document. Taking short breaks for both runners and writers is necessary to create renewed energy in the legs and a clean slate in the mind.

On my mind today are a few “Mama wins” and a few “Mama worries,” but you’ll have to tune back in tomorrow or the next day (or the next day) because I need a little more time to finalize my words and turn my current draft into a publishable piece. It’s too nice outside today to sit in front of the computer for too long.

I will leave you with these pictures from lunch time…

Warm enough to eat lunch outside.

Warm enough to eat outside.

Lunch for two (I stood as usual).

Lunch for two at the outdoor cafe.

Learning to drink from a sippy cup.

Learning to drink from a sippy cup.

Rolling down the hill.

Rolling down the hill.



Leave clean-up crew.

Leaf clean-up crew.

Halloween candy lingers...

Halloween candy lingers…

Have a happy day.


The Banter Lady

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blogger, picture-taker, diaper-changer, runner

One thought on “A clean slate

  1. I completely understand needing a clean slate. I have been having a hard time finding inspiration. I have probably 50+ drafts to write and ideas from past trips. However, since they have been so far into the past, I am having a hard time sitting down to rack my brain of all the fun I had. It is hard to produce quality posts a few times a week, and I know my posts are not even as good as they should be. Keep on writing. I am sure you will have plenty of writing topics with the holidays coming up!

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