Reckless abandon

When I woke up this morning I didn’t have too many intentions. Aside from daily parenting responsibilities and the possibly of attending church on our family radar, there weren’t too many pressing things I had to do… yet there were so many things pressing on me. A clean basket of unfolded laundry that’s been in our bedroom staring at me with beady eyes pleading, Fold me, fold me for four days now. Five feet away sits an overflowing hamper with dirty laundry saying Wash me, wash me. The list goes on… An unmade bed, dirty breakfast dishes in the sink, unfinished articles on my desktop and blog drafts in my dashboard, unedited pictures, an empty refrigerator, the start of a C_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ shopping list, gutters full of leaves, a pile of mail to sort…

As a family, Jan & I try hard reserve our weekends for low-key, restful moments. We push aside chores as much as we can, we watch movies, we occasionally get together with friends, we breathe easy… However, unfortunately the weekends are often our only time to catch up on cleaning, laundry, yard work, grocery shopping, bills etc. This morning we found ourselves faced with a choice. To stay home and do the usual or walk out the door with reckless abandon?

We chose the latter. Of course, we weren’t too reckless in terms of danger, but we were absolutely reckless in a let’s leave the chores behind, shut the front door, walk away from the grind, worry about the mess later, and go to the… ZOO! sort of way. We were pretty sure all the chores would all still be there waiting for us when we returned.

Not long into our adventure we quickly realized some of the best unlaid plans are the most fun…

Here we go!

Here we go!

The epidimy of reckless abandon. We so wild!

The epitome of this reckless abandon I speak of. We so wild!

It was so nice of Jan to push the double stroller up all the hills. I offered and all…

It was so nice of Jan to push the double stroller up all the hills. I offered and all…

Lance asked the zoo keeper where the grizzly bear sleeps.

Lance asked the zoo keeper where the grizzly bear sleeps.

He licked his chops and looked right at me! Ahh!

Would you believe this guy is in his twenties?

Talk about reckless...

Talk about reckless…

North Carolina Zoo mapologists.

North Carolina Zoo mapologists.

Parenting is everywhere.

Parenting is everywhere.

Lance and his pals.

Lance and his pals.

My next goal: To ride an elephant. (Really).

Vivi, look left. No really, look left!

So today in spite of our full plates and all that’s been pressing on me, we had a wholesome day of family bonding. Just the four us. Sure there was a zoo full of animals and many other families doing the same thing we were, but it was nice to get a little lost in our own space and time together.

Raising small children doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for spontaneity. For Jan & I, we are “in it” right now — not a lot of opportunities to kick back and put our feet up, almost zero idle time, hardly any carefree moments, little wiggle room from routine, nap times, meal times, and bed times at this stage in our kids’ lives. Most outings, trips, and commitments require a lot of prior thought and planning. BUT. But, but, but… every once in awhile, pleasant unplanned reckless abandon (we so wild!) will find you walking out the front door with your back to the household grind. On these days it’s best to oblige and see where your day leads you. Today for us, it was the… zoo!

The older my kids get the more opportunities for family adventures like this one will undoubtedly surface. And of course, the zoo and other such attractions will become more interesting as they begin to ask more questions (can you believe Vivian didn’t ask a single one!) and develop specific interests. I realize we are still very much on the brink of discovery of all that is yet to come for our kids, but today was a nice escape and glimpse into new territory through the eyes of our children.

About that laundry? We were right. It was all still there waiting for us when we got home…


For the new week ahead I wish you a renewed sense of productivity and peaceful moments in this busy life.


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3 thoughts on “Reckless abandon

  1. Unfortunately, I’ve also been enjoying my weekend with a bit too much reckless abandon… But given that sunshine is such an anomaly here, I couldn’t NOT go outside and indulge in it a little bit. Essay-writing and class reading can always wait. Cheers to getting back into routines and hoping my productivity levels can rise a bit more! Also, if Lance is such good buddies with the monkeys/chimpanzees, I anticipate he would get along with my youngest sister. She’s a self-proclaimed “cousin of the monkeys.” 😉

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