A story

This morning I started writing a post about recent Sesame Street parodies that poke fun at pop culture. My inspiration ignited after watching the most recent parody called Catching Fur, that was strategically aired this week. Don’t worry I got my ticket for tomorrow night’s premiere, but it also got me thinking about what pop culture parodies in Sesame Street means for my children, who have no idea who Katniss Everdeen is. Don’t get me wrong, the segment had me laughing and was certainly pulling my toddler in with its clever pattern recognition antics, but it really got me thinking. Hard. Too hard.

I’m not finished (despite any FB teasers) with my 1,000+ and counting word essay about the part humorous and part tragic fact that even Sesame Street has fallen victim to pop culture media-hype. Catching Fur  and other parodies certainly gave me plenty to think and write about today during nap time. The kids eventually woke up in what became a welcome interruption from beating my head on the keyboard. They freed me from doing more research (did you know Sesame Street first aired in November 1969?) by simple moments that brought my attention back to reality.

Per Lance’s request I put them in Vivian’s crib together – something apparently my mother did while Jan and I were away on Saturday night.

Anyway, I put them in there – something I haven’t done until today.

At first they were happy together…

Then they were sad together…

Then there was one (Lance)…

Personally, I kind of liked him trapped in there while I cooked dinner. Vivi was free to move around without big brother sitting on her back like a dog. The dog was not being threatened while I played referee. I knew where my oldest child was, which gave me peace of mind as I browned the pork chops without wondering what he and the glue stick were up to.

The moral of the story? I am not sure there is one. Yet.

We’re coming down from a high point around here after my Mom’s visit. I wanted to include a few pictures of the kids in the crib to go with the story above, but my memory card and I are at temporary odds again, which occurred well after the dog puked on my heel (of all places) earlier in the evening and not much before I suddenly realized I am tired.

Granny Janny

Granny Janny love to last them to the new year.

But before I go tonight, I must include a picture of two longtime (notice I didn’t say old) college friends taken last Saturday in Blacksburg. Hokie, Hokie, Hy!


Tech, Tech, VPI.

I hope I can eventually finish my essay on Sesame Street parodies, but if not, could someone at least tell me how to get there?

Terrible joke.

My signal to go to bed and start fresh in the morning.


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2 thoughts on “A story

  1. Funny you mention pop culture and the media hype over it, since this is one of the things I’ve been studying in my classes. Here in the UK, it’s definitely one of the biggest overseas markets for Hollywood since I’ve been seeing Catching Fire posters plastered everywhere among others. I could go on about whether or not this symbolizes cultural domination/homogenization/Americanization but that might get a little too nerdy for you. In any case, great pictures and good luck finishing up that essay on Sesame Street! 😉

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