Twinkly and jolly

Little signs of Christmas are popping up all over my house. Little eyes glisten off of simple strands of twinkly lights. Little by little the Christmas spirit is upon on me.

I’m not one to go overboard on decorations, but I am certainly listening to my share of Christmas music and singing holly jolly’s in my heart this holiday season. Although signs of Christmas are everywhere, I am mindful of the little things that surround me instead of the bigger, grander stage this year.

Little things like the satin polar bear on ice skates embroidered on my dish towel. Or like the snow village church and schoolhouse that lights up in our house every night. Or like the small book Jan reads to Lance each day from the Advent calendar his parents sent from Germany.

21 days 'til Christmas

21 days ’til Christmas

The little things like Vivian’s first Christmas dress. Or like the Christmas pyramid we light with real candles and watch as the wooden nativity scene spins round and round. Or like my Mom’s Hershey “kiss” cookies I roll in red and green sugar and bake every year. Or a picture text from my brother of his Christmas tree and mantle.

All of these little things — that are unique to all families — is what it’s really all about. I doubt I’ll drag out all of our decorations this year, I doubt I’ll get everything done that I’d like to, I doubt I’ll make it to every holiday get-together, but I do not doubt the joy of the season.

The ambience of Christmas is all around me at home right now — even in the tree we haven’t gotten yet, the stockings we haven’t hung yet, the cookies we haven’t made yet, and the presents we haven’t wrapped yet. For these little things that are all yet to come are all part of the magic. Like that of a child’s face when the first present is opened on Christmas morning.

As my lackadaisical approach to Christmas might suggest, I am vowing to do less this holiday season. To stay home more, and to choose the relationship with my family over that of the next craft, obligation, recipe, must-do-with-my-kid-event, etc this year. I am going to *attempt* to sideline my frenzied to-do lists until 2014. That’s right. Bam. In your face to-do’s. This Mama is putting on obnoxious (yet cozy!) Christmas tree fleece socks and sippin’ on eggnog until further notice. Simple as that.

My children will get to celebrate their 3rd and 1st Christmases this year. I want to be with them during this time of year, even if I accidentally run a diaper through the washer and cause myself more work.

My husband gets the week between Christmas and New Year’s off work. I want to be with him during this time of year, even if he undoubtedly makes me stay up too late for my taste (Love you, honey!).

My in-laws are traveling all the way from Germany to stay with us for two weeks. I want to be with them during this time of year, even if we start to get up under each other’s feet. 

No matter what goes down between now and Christmas, I think it’s best to sit back and relax as much as possible. As a runner, I always live with a “strong finish” mentality, but this year I think I’ll coast right out of 2013 and start new in 2014. It’s been quite the year. I think I’ve “run” hard enough this year.

Santa, I will gladly allow you to take the reins from here.


As for me, if nothing else this Christmas, I will be twinkly and jolly.

Ho, ho, ho,

The Banter Lady

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5 thoughts on “Twinkly and jolly

    • No… Boo hoo. Staying in VA this year, but Jan’s parents will be with us, so we’ll have a good time. I know it’s going to super fun for Lance! Have a great time, and travel safe.

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