First of the year

Happy New Year, Readers!

Nice to meet you, 2014!

A new calendar year is upon us. Oh the possibilities.

For one, Britta’s Banter has a new look for the new year. A simpler, vintage, and more organized layout and design. Kinda like me this year! (Says me).

Now for a big announcement. Are you ready??

List of Seven on Sunday will return in 2014! 

The last list I wrote was just over a year ago. If you need a refresher or are new to the blog you can read about it here: List of seven on Sunday 3.7: NEW

I’m using a new format this time around with more structure aligned around some of my 2014 goals (more on that forthcoming). I plan to write List of Seven for a full year and then evaluate its success and my interest or boredom in this type of writing. I hope you will enjoy my weekly lists!

Also, in the new year ahead that I speak of, Lance will turn 3, Vivian will turn 1, I will turn 34, Jan will turn 36, and Luke the pug will turn 11 (in that order). Those are the facts. I’ll leave out the commentary.


She is forbidden to turn one yet!!

I’m not 34!

At least I’m still younger than my husband.

Puggy could really use some wrinkle cream!)

Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.

In more somber matters, it has been a pretty bittersweet New Year’s Day around here. Jan’s parents, who I often refer to as Oma and Opa on the blog, flew back to Germany today. In fact, they are probably somewhere near or over Newfoundland, Canada on their way to Berlin, via London, as I type. We had such an array of good times with them that it is always hard to say goodbye. I’m usually left with a knot in the pit of my stomach because it will be several months before we see them again.

It’s all too fresh for me to even begin to attempt a respectable story board that would do justice to the Christmas time we shared with them.

But let me say this: Grandparents rule.

So much so because they are willing to engage their grandchildren in any type of pretend-play the children are craving. Like how when it’s hard to explain to an almost 3-year-old just how big this world is and how far apart we live, they line up some chairs on the “pilot’s” command and pretend to fly together to and from Germany.

Ready for take-off!

Ready for take-off!

The laughs are plentiful when Oma and Opa are in the house. When they leave it feels quiet and I usually feel a little deflated, but pictures like these ones keep me smiling because they keep Lance and Vivian’s photo books full of happy moments with their grandparents.

As I think of Oma and Opa in-flight I cannot help but parallel that 2014 has taken off, too. We’re barely off the ground into a new year, but we’re moving farther and farther away from the runway. I wish you all blue skies ahead, but if you hit some turbulence, stay calm. When I talked to my Dad last year, which as it happens was also last night (first bad joke of the year), he said to me, “2014 will be the dream.” I don’t know about you, but I want to board that plane.

Before I close tonight, let’s take a quick look back at what the hell went down on the Banter in 2013.

In January, I was 38 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Then I wasn’t, and we welcomed Vivian Isolde Petrich into our family.

In February, I held on tight to those Early days.

March took us to Pennsylvania where we didn’t see the sun. Literally. Ah well, SnOw what!

As I was settling into life as a mother of two and trying to find balance as a writer, Dear Blog materialized.

May brought on some hard times. Indeed, We all fall down. After which, Up, up and away we go! to Germany.

Luke got a Pug-cation in June.

In July, I gushed about the Garden of my life essay-style.

We were Beachy keen in August.

In September, we ate The last of the popsicles. Then I pondered the question: Who invented the word Supermom anyway?

October brought on daily blogging because All signs pointed to FALL! The month ended on Halloween night after 31 continuous posts.

In November I published an Interview with Grandpa Bob three days after we had some Reckless abandon.

By December I was Twinkly and jolly.

As today marks the first of the year I thank you, seriously thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your readership. May the new year take you to new and exciting places, both familiar and unknown.

The Banter Lady — simple, vintage, and organized in 2014

(Or at least hoping and dreaming aboard my flight).

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