List of Seven on Sunday 3.9: GOALS

This year, it’s all fun and GOALS in List of Seven. Today’s post will give you an idea of what to expect in my lists each week and help keep me focused. I guess you can consider these seven goals as an (optimistic!) road map for two-thousand fourteen.

Here we go.

1. Share something I learned in List of Seven every week.

2. Write about progress with regard to some of my personal interests.

In 2014, I want to give more attention to running, reading, cooking, saving, simplifying, staying caught up on photo editing/sharing, and above all, keeping the faith that all of the things I cannot control are in good hands. Each week, number two on the list will help me speak to one or more of these personal goals.

3. Continue building my writing portfolio on Britta’s Banter. As a stay-at-home-mom, my plate is beyond full. Writing time comes with limitations until I eventually reenter the showered, orderly, and no-kids-allowed professional world, but I want to write as much as possible on the side and continue submitting articles to other publications.

On that note, the January Evince Magazine is now on the stands in Danville. If you are local, pick up a copy to read another one of my stories on p. 9.

As a fun writing goal, I plan to send an innocuous letter to an unsuspecting family member or friend once a month. I’m talking about a letter of the snail-mail type. Even through the convenience and enjoyment that I get out of writing  electronically in the form of emails and on Britta’s Banter, nothing beats writing a real letter. Plus, I get to surprise someone!

For the above goals, I can write something about writing every week to include in List of Seven. (Huh? Write about writing? Sounds kind of like a dead-end, but whatever for now).

4. Include a favorite picture or graphic in List of Seven every week.

For example…

Toothpaste!                          Can you see the excitement in her eight-toothed smile?

Toothpaste!                                                                                 Can you see the excitement in her eight-toothed smile?

5. On the flip-side I’d also like to *try* to share a small 2-4 sentence picture-less story in List of Seven every week that I don’t want to forget. Something that doesn’t come with a picture, but that I can use my words to portray what I saw or felt.

6. Archive a special parenting moment, hash out a parenting blunder/challenge, or give a parenting tip every week.

7. Laugh at something every week. Share the humor in number seven on the list.

Have a great week.

The Banter Lady


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4 thoughts on “List of Seven on Sunday 3.9: GOALS

  1. I just Googled Evince Magazine and read the article! Everyone should check it out. The editor’s note that it applies to all ages was nice too! Way to go 🙂
    Love ya! Aunt Bev

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