List of Seven on Sunday 4.0: CAKE

1. Last week I learned, that sometimes all the papers, memories, photos, ticket stubs, programs, notes, etc that I have archived in my closet or filing cabinet through out the years come in handy.

You see, my running friend and I are trying to resume our weekly runs together, but we both feel we need a plan. A schedule. An app. A goal. A future event. Anything to get us moving. So the other night I thought back to the Team in Training half-marathon I ran in 2008  to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in Virginia Beach. Since I ran as part of a team, we had a trainer who mapped out our training schedule. I followed it to a tee, and guess what? It worked. I finished the race well below my goal time and even used it again to train for another half-marathon the following year.

The archivist in me wins again as I try to mold my old training schedule into one that is realistic (i.e. no long runs) for us. Now if I could only eat less cake this year.

2. Oh, and yes, the runner in me needs to wake up. To date this year, I’ve logged two feeble attempts of interval running on the treadmill while watching re-runs of Friends and Ace Ventura Pet Detective. But this week, yes this week, is the week I take charge.

Must. Get. Back. To. Trail.

Must. Get. Back. To. Trail.

3. When I think about a motherhood and a writing career this year, I am trying to imagine them intertwined. As much as I love the professional world, I think that motherhood is a very natural and important progression in a woman’s career should she decide to have children. Right now, motherhood is my profession of choice, but writing has also become part of that job description. As the memory keeper of the family, I like think of my blog as a natural progression toward a writing career when I am ready to pursue it. But right now sticky fingers, boo-boo’s, and story time take precedent.

4. I am including two favorite photos this week because we celebrated a birthday. I couldn’t decide which photo I liked more — the one of Jan decorating Lance’s cake with a fire truck because that’s what Lance requested, or the one of Lance’s reaction to said cake.

The man was in Pinterest for God's sake.

The man was on Pinterest for God’s sake.

Happy 3rd birthday to our loving, funny, and smart boy.

Happy 3rd birthday to our happy, smart, loving, funny, and imaginative boy.

5. My picture-less moment occurred this week right after dinner one night. Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You came on the radio as I was cleaning up the dishes. I started singing, scooped up Vivian off the floor to dance, and asked Lance if he wanted lifted onto my other hip when he came wandering in with curious eyes. He opted to hug my left leg and sway with us. I belted out the lyrics, and we danced. I wouldn’t want a picture of this moment because it was a feeling — a feeling of nostalgia for my first crush mixed with deep appreciation for the present. Regardless if it was right after the dog made Vivian cry and right before a certain three-year-old wouldn’t settle down for bed, I drank in the moment. I’m not sure when the spaghetti sauce got on my shirt, but I guess it wouldn’t have mattered to The Bodyguard.

6. Parenting tip: Strategically place the books you read to your children at bedtime in a visible location for them to see first thing in the morning. The books might lure your child back into the story since it was the last thing they engaged in before bed. If your child isn’t drawn to the books on their own, ask them a question about last night’s stories or recall a good illustration and have them look for it while you make breakfast. They might just surprise you and become absorbed again. The reward? You get to drink your first cup of coffee in peace. Or at the very least, go to the bathroom.

7. The pictures in number four gave me a true sense of the difference between a man on Pinterest and a woman on Pinterest:

  • A man doesn’t know what Pinterest is — if he finds himself on Pinterest he was only led there by his wife. He will ask no questions, stay focused, and will not get distracted by other creative ideas.
  • When it comes to birthday cakes, he doesn’t give a shit about things like fondant, ganache, layers, or what the dad next to him is doing. He only cares about the smile it will bring to his child’s eye.
  • After using Pinterest, he still doesn’t know what a pin is, he doesn’t want to know what a pin is, and he would never pin anything because if he wanted to find inspiration in the future he would just Google for it and pick the first or second choice he came across instead of shopping around and bombarding himself with millions of ideas that other moms are doing.
  • He will never be disappointed – ever – if his fire truck doesn’t look exactly like the picture.

And that is why I let my husband decorate the cake.

Have a great week,

The Banter Lady

p.s. Happy birthday to my brother Mark on the 14th!! May you have your cake. And eat it, too.

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3 thoughts on “List of Seven on Sunday 4.0: CAKE

  1. Loves it!!! Maybe I need to take a more “man-like” approach to pinterest. I usually don’t try because I’m afraid of a pinterest-fail. But it’s not a failure if I’ve attempted, right? Go Jan! And Britta, you totally deserve to eat as much cake as you want. (You’ll run it off later, lol)

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