List of Seven on Sunday 4.1: DREAM

1. Lifelong learning

Did you know if you press the space bar twice after a sentence while you are texting on your iPhone it’ll automatically add a period, space, and ready the CAPS for the next sentence?

They don’t call it a smart phone for nothing!

2. Personal progress

I’m trying to up my game in the kitchen this year.

So far, I have made zero new recipes.

See how hard I’m trying!

3. Writer’s world

Last week I had a dream the Pioneer Woman invited me over to her house for dinner. You know, just a casual five-course meal at the lodge with the fam. After dinner she invited me to guest post on her blog about anything I wanted. Anything I wanted. It was like the best writing dream I have ever had. Ever.

I guess it’s just a good thing she didn’t ask me to cook one of the new recipes for her show on the Food Network. Which reminds me, I really need to open those cookbooks Jan got me for our anniversary after I begged and swore I wanted to cook more.

Hmm. Is there an Apple short-cut for that kind of thing?

4. Photo of the week


There are no words.

5. Picture-less moment

Lately when we go to the Wise Old Owl’s for our weekly Wednesday visit I’ve been giving Lance a head start while I get Vivian up from her nap.

Last week Lance wanted to wear his Spiderman costume to her house. As I stood watching out the door like I always do just to make sure he gets in ok, the pure sight of Spidey traipsing down the hill made my heart smile.

He was carrying a giant floor puzzle far too large for a steady grip and practically tripping over his own feet every time the mask slipped the wrong way off his face. But Spidey was full of determination. Armed with gummy bears inside his jacket pocket he happily marched along, in his own little world, singing a German song (Fiderallala, Fiderallala, Fiderallalalala) on his way to pay our dear neighbor a visit.

Lord knows what they talk about before I get there, but The Wise Old Owl always tells me “they had the nicest visit.”

Twenty minutes later when Vivi and I arrived he invited us to, “Come in the house!” as only The Wise Old Owl would do.

6. Parenting tip

When your toddler is talking to you nonstop and begging you to play with them while you are trying to cook dinner, go to the bathroom, or whatever tell them that you two are going to play a fun game called, “Pretend Mommy’s not here.”

In your mind it will seem like the best idea ever, but in reality it won’t work at all.

7. Humor

Last week on Downton Abbey Lady Cora put Lord Crawley in his place when he neglected to invite a famous singer staying in their home to dine with the family.

She bristled the line, “You will have her next to you at dinner and YOU. WILL. LIKE. IT!”

I made Jan (as he rolled his eyes) hit rewind just so I could watch it again.

Since then, I’ve been saying things to him like:

You will cook dinner for me tonight and YOU. WILL. LIKE. IT!

You will do the dishes tonight and YOU. WILL. LIKE. IT!

So far, he’s really not that into it, but I’m still getting mileage out of the line.

Hey honey! You will massage my feet tonight and YOU. WILL. LIKE. IT!

One can dream.

Now go watch Downton tonight.


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5 thoughts on “List of Seven on Sunday 4.1: DREAM

  1. Ah…love Downton… and loved the line. We all know who the real “boss” is in that house. The pic of the kids is priceless. Your monkeys are a little closer in age than mine, but it amazes me just how good a friends (partners in crime if you will) they are.

    • It’s really fun to watch their relationship unfold. I have a brother two years older than me and we were hot and cold growing up, but now we get along so it’s nice. Hope you enjoyed Downton last night. I sure did!

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