List of Seven on Sunday 4.2: GROWTH

1. Lifelong learning —

This past week I learned that waiting until Saturday to start writing some of my ideas for List of Seven on Sunday is not a preferred method. If I wait until Saturday to start my list, some of the ideas I had popping into my head throughout the week are already gone. I still got the job done this week, but next week I’ll start drafting earlier.

Duly and publicly noted (says me to me).

How’s that for accountability?

2. Personal progress —

I am another week older. That’s progress and growth, right?!

(Man, I’m really blowing this list out of the water).

3. Writer’s world —

The more absorbed I get into writing, the more I realize just how much the gift of my words mean to those I share them with. It feels great to discover continued confidence from friends, feedback, and the growth I feel as a writer (as opposed to insecurity and regular intervals of self-doubt). This blog started as a platform to write about my family and children, but I suddenly find it is evolving into something much more. I’m still going to write and share family stories, but new inspirations are surfacing aside from the little people. For example, last week I submitted another article to Evince, wrote a snail mail letter to an old friend, and wrote a story and haiku for two friends celebrating birthdays.

Basically, the writing veins in my brain weave in all sorts of ways and places in my mind aside from parenting. I’ve always known that, but it took becoming a parent to find the courage to start publishing. Perhaps, now it’s time to build beyond that and start publishing some of the many other stories I have in private documents or the ones still bobbing around in my mind before they, too, are lost. I am in the process of drafting a personal story that involves some crazy challenges I endured in my twenties and the realization that nothing happens that isn’t supposed to. I hope the story will develop further, but if not it’s always nice to unscramble thoughts on paper. At least for me it is.

Writing growth spurt?!?


4. Photo of the week —

The one and only.

Cheerios: The one and only.

A few mornings ago Jan, Lance, and I were sitting around the kitchen table eating breakfast while Vivi played and crawled freely around the house. Suddenly I thought, It’s too quiet… what is she up to? You know, that infamous mom-feeling in your gut when you know your child is up to something?

I hopped up and peeked into the kitchen to find the above scene. Little sister had taken making breakfast into her own hands by opening an unlocked cabinet and pouring herself some Cheerios.  The floor was her plate; the serving size was rather un-calculated. I think she’s the one going through the real growth-spurt around here.

5. Picture-less moment —

On a much more sentimental note, my baby will be one tomorrow. One.

I find myself overly emotional when I think about the 27th of January last year. Going into labor… enduring a wild, frenzied, joyful labor… finding out I had a daughter in the most wonderful moment of surprise… naming her Vivian… and beginning the bonding process in those beautiful tender hours after she was born.

Now a full year has passed, and so many lamentations are surfacing all at once. The nostalgia over newborn days, the relief of routine, the grief over my illness, the strength of healing, the rhythm of happiness, and the power of laughter as her little personality sprouts and the unity we feel as a family heightens. Tomorrow I will celebrate her growth, but tonight I breathe deep for all the blessings Vivian has brought into my life. Some of my breaths are laced with some hard-won tears that went into her first year of life; others breaths are tangled with unforgettable sweetness and snuggles that I’ll never get back, but that will continue to grow in my heart and fill the memory book of her life.

For the past several weeks, I have been holding onto Vivian tight when I give her a bottle after she wakes up from her afternoon nap. As soon as she was on a predictable schedule, that bottle quickly become her and my special time. Lance was always still napping and no one else was in the house. I would always turn off my phone and void myself of all other distractions. We would snuggle and cuddle and talk and she would look up at me with those big, dependent eyes in a way that no one else ever will.

Was, were – terms of the past now that she is moving on to big-girl  food and drink.

Those bottles were alway so special, especially the ones I have given her this past week. (Sniff, sniff, waah!). Sure I won’t take away all her bottles at once, but it is time for her to make another  step into yet another new stage of development. Alas, she is moving on as the weaning process begins.

6. Parenting tip —

Don’t ever get too used to one baby or toddler stage in the first few years of a child’s life. The stages start and stop and surge forward at lightning speed. I guess you could probably say that’s true through all of adolescence. After that, I guess it’s called a “phase.”

I’m going through a sappy phase this week. (Sniff, sniff, waah!).

7. Humor —

After all my writing thoughts and sappy lamentations about Vivian’s 1st birthday in this week’s list, I am closing by keepin’ it real with this “funny.” My mom mailed me the clipping (below) not long after Vivian was born, and as you might imagine it gave me a laugh.

Minutes after childbirth, I'm pretty sure this very bubble cloud was above my head.

A very happy birthday to my baby tomorrow! I fondly remember the scene above when you were born. I just didn’t know you were already thinking like your Mama!

Have a great week of GROWTH in all areas of your life.

The Banter Lady

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One thought on “List of Seven on Sunday 4.2: GROWTH

  1. Growth….. yes. This past week has certainly been about growth for me as well, albeit of a mentally frustrating kind (as you well know). But that’s the thing, realizations and newfound perspectives are exactly that- growth. It’s not always comfortable and oftentimes we end up clinging on to the comforts of the familiar, but at some point we all have to acknowledge and accept that growth in order to move on to the next phase or chapter.
    I still remember your early posts after Vivian was born. Was that really a year ago?? Says a lot about both your family and our blogging relationship, I think. 😉

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