List of Seven on Sunday 4.4: LAUNDRY

1. Newsworthy (formerly Lifelong learning) —

From here on out, I am titling number one on List of Seven “Newsworthy.” I’ve been trying to keep each of the seven weekly happenings organized with a little tag line to break up some of the unrelated content. And to keep me focused in an easy manner each week. So far, List of Seven is working out as a pretty manageable writing style for this busy Mom. It’s hard to pump out streamlined articles/essays every week when the kids are pulling at my heals and the laundry baskets need attention, but List of Seven is my innovative way to keep me writing and keep readers engaged in a quick write-and-read kind of way. I’ve also been doing a fair amount of other writing lately — mostly brainstorming and drafting longer stories for “when I have time” to finish them — but for now List of Seven is what you can expect on the blog for a while. Stay tuned.

2. Personal progress —

Apparently last week I unintentionally confused a few readers by starting off number two with “I’m finally making progress on the novel I started…” Many thought I meant the novel I was writing, but I meant the novel I was reading.


I obviously have some subconscious desires to write a novel “when I have time,” and apparently some of you think that I can succeed!

One day I do hope to author a book. Stay tuned.

Don’t you like how I’m keeping you on the edge of your seat?!

(Or not.)

Well then, don’t you like how I’m making excuses for not finishing (probably 70%) of the stories I write?!

(Don’t answer.)

FYI I did make progress reading more of the book  last week, and I’d love to tell you what page I am on right now (to keep myself accountable), but I am unable to actually locate the blasted book at the moment. Good thing I just renewed it (again) at the library on Friday (for the fourth time).

Oh me, oh my.

There are simply some things I cannot explain.

Or find.

It could be in a laundry basket for all I know.

3. Writer’s world —

Ok, now for some real, tangible progress in my writing world!

My fourth article — complete and polished — was just published in the February Evince. You can read about it on p. 9. The story features no other than Luke the Pug.


Pugs and kisses!

4. Photo of the week —

This picture was actually taken the week before last when my Mom and Grandma were visiting, and I covet all that it symbolizes — unity, love, age, generations, femininity, time, experiences, family, relationships, toils, pulses, strength, and life.

Clockwise from l-r: Vivian, Britta, Mom, and Grandma

Clockwise from l-r: Vivian, Britta, Mom, and Grandma

5. Picture-less moment —

Lance and Vivian have this new game they play with each other every time we go somewhere and I get them out of the car. Vivian sits behind my seat so naturally I get her out first and walk around to Lance’s side with her on my hip. She starts bouncing with excitement as I open the door to Lance’s side. Without fail, Lance pretends he is asleep and Vivian leans way over and puts her little face right in front of his. Then she says, “Boo” in a sweet, soft voice. To which he opens his eyes, and yells, “Booooooooo!” back to her in a rather loud voice. They both start cracking up and think it’s the funniest thing ever. I do, too, because they do it every single time I get them out of the car.

6. Parenting thought —

A few weeks ago I was at the check-out line after getting groceries. The woman in front of me was talking to the cashier about her nineteen-year-old son, and how when he doesn’t call her back right away she starts to worry. The cashier nodded in understanding and told her she has twin daughters who are twenty-two-years-old, and now that they are in college she doesn’t always know where they are or what they are doing. They agreed it’s all part of parenting when you have to let your young adult children free, but how hard it is not knowing their whereabouts all the time.

The woman in front of me commented on how cute Lance and Vivian are as they sat together in my obnoxiously, giant dual-seat cart eating Ritz crackers while I hurriedly put my groceries on the conveyor belt in an attempt to beat any impending meltdowns. I good-naturedly tried to make a joke by saying, “So you ladies are telling me it gets harder than this?!” as I acknowledged my two time-sucking, dependent little humans. The older women laughed as they both said they would take those baby days back any day of the week. I smiled, and continued to ponder the conversation as I finished checking out.

On the way home I lamented that even though I have no idea what it’ll be like fifteen to twenty years down the road (heck, even when they start elementary school) and I don’t always know who they are hanging out with and what they are getting into, at least now I know the answers to those worrisome question marks.

I realized that even through the exhaustion of raising little people and babies the beauty in it all lies in the fact that they are “under my wing.”

I know where they are at all times (even when they are dumping over piles of folded laundry), I am their primary influence (even when I make mistakes), I make the rules (even the hard ones), I teach them good manners and kindness (even when they resist), and I create our routines (even when the reception isn’t always pleasant).

That’s when I decided I will keep them under my wing and three and one forever.

7. Humor —

When I got Vivian up from her nap the other day, I walked in to a crib full of dirty laundry. The kids (heaping) laundry basket sits next to her crib, and apparently either before she fell asleep or after she woke up this became a source of interest. Somehow she reached her little hands through the crib bars and drug in all of the clothes she could reach.


Or as Lance like’s to call her, “The mess maker.”


Have great week. Do your laundry.

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3 thoughts on “List of Seven on Sunday 4.4: LAUNDRY

  1. Great picture of the generations. I hope you had a great visit. P.S. Look who is getting fancy with her share buttons. On a side note, we are both undergoing some re-designs. Keep up the work on getting published! I know that was a goal you set for yourself, so great work following through 🙂

    • I getting fancy thanks to WordPress — they automatically changed the look of the share buttons. You’re getting fancy, too! I like the new look of your site.
      Thanks for the encouragement about publishing!! Gotta keep the momentum going.

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