List of Seven on Sunday 4.6: BUTTER

1. Newsworthy —

We went from enough snow to sled ride in last week to gorgeous and warm, sunny days to bike ride in this week.



No snow in sight.

Light weight coats optional in the afternoon.

2. Personal progress —

Thank goodness the Olympics are almost over. I have been staying up way too late watching athletes from around the world compete in Sochi for the last two weeks.

I’ve gotten nothing done except for:

  • Watching the Olympics.
  • Watching the Olympics some more.
  • Being quite concerned for Bob Costas’ eye infection.
  • Wanting to go to the Netherlands to learn to speed skate.
  • Wanting to put cute, little Russian figure skater, Yulia Lipnitskaya, in my pocket.
  • Continually wishing I was a figure skater. (That happens every four years).
  • Occasionally folding laundry while watching the Olympics.
  • Annoying my husband with selective listening as I watch the Olympics.
  • Crying over stories about amazing athletes like Alex Bilodeau, Sarah Burke, and Jessica Long.
  • Tallying the U.S. medal count.
  • Staying up too late.
  • Watching the Olympics.
  • Pretending I was in Sochi when the U.S. men swept the podium in slope style skiing.
  • Wanting to go skiing.
  • Wanting to ride in a bobsled with Jeremy Holm.
  • Wanting to watch the movie Cool Runnings again.
  • Not wanting to be a women’s skeleton racer. Ever.
  • Being tired the next day from watching the Olympics.

So long Sochi — I need sleep!

3. Writer’s world —

One of my regular readers commented last week that she has liked reading my weekly picture-less moments in number five on the list. It’s made me think that in the future, perhaps I can expand some of these stories into essays  instead of small blurbs. Like say, when I am writing for more of a career and I need story ideas. Mental note, check.

4. Photo of the week —

This is an odd photo to include, but I was the first one to open a new container of spreadable butter last week, and gosh darn it, I just love an unscathed container of  spreadable butter.

Look at all the creamy, goodness all swirled into perfection. I kind of wanted to frame it, I kind of wanted to lick it, I kind of wanted to stick my finger in the center of it, I kind of wanted to apply for a job at Country Crock so I could learn how to make this lovely creation, but since all of those things would be weird, I just went ahead and buttered my toast.


5. Picture-less moment —

Last Halloween Lance was a ghost for Halloween. He set his mind on being a ghost about a month before Halloween and never looked back. He was a happy, little ghost on Halloween night, and throughly enjoyed himself as he racked up a bag full of candy. Together we named him Astor the Ghost, after our street name. Once Halloween was over I didn’t hear too much more about ghosts.

Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went, and I didn’t really give Astor a second thought. But at some point last month Astor returned in the form of an imaginary ghost. Astor now hangs out with us almost everyday. I’ve learned he is obedient and usually does what Lance tells him to do. Although at times, he floats around too far out of Lance’s comfort zone so Lance tapes him to the floor in our home. If we go places, Astor drives his own car alongside of our car.

I haven’t had the chance to research what it means (do I want to know?) when a child establishes an imaginary friend (or ghost), but I’m not too concerned. Amused maybe, but not concerned.

My best guess for Astor’s presence in our home revolves around Lance’s need for control (he tells Astor what to do), his desire to punish (he tapes Astor to the floor), and his longing to put the pedal to the metal (he feels the need to speed!). If this is his way of mimicking me, I swear I have never taped either of my children to the floor. I may have wanted to at times, but I’ve never actually gone through with the idea.

Float on Astor. Float on.

6. Parenting thought —

I enjoyed some really good snuggle time with Lance the other day while I was writing. He had just woken up from a nap and was super receptive to some hugs so I pulled him onto my lap. For the first time, I opened up two windows side by side — a doc for me and a PBS kids clip for him.

As I wrote and he watched and we snuggled I thought, Yeah life is good, and I can really intertwine this parenting world with this writing world. 

That was until he snapped me out of my Kumbayah moment by saying with irritation, “Stop pushing those buttons, Mommy!”

Typing and children do not mix. I should know this by now because many a time, my keyboard has been flung to the ground by grubby, grabby little hands.

7. Humor —

Earlier this month Vivian went to the doctor for her 12 month check-up. The big one year check-up requires four shots and a blood sample. Not fun for anyone, let alone a small baby who has no idea what is coming.

Lance has accompanied Vivian to all her doctor’s appointments. At first he was indifferent, then he was eager to see her cry (children are mean) when they stuck the needle in, but this last visit he was pretty upset by what they “did to her.” One nurse held Vivian while the second nurse quickly and skillfully ejected two needles into her thighs. Of course, Little Sister wailed and screamed her lungs out. Poor Lance got even more bent out of shape then I did.

It’s funny really, watching my kids get shots has never bothered me too much even though it upsets them. The way I see it, it’s over quickly, it ultimately benefits them, and it’s only the first of many uncomfortable situations they will endure in their lifetime. Also, I am pretty helpless to them during the whole encounter so the more detached I am from it the better.

That’s why Lance’s reaction this last visit surprised me. After watching them stick her for a whole year, I didn’t think it would bother him, but I guess he has become more protective over time. Or maybe he understands pain more. Or maybe he understands nice and not nice better. Either way, he was not happy with the nurses that he normally loves so much. So not happy that when they finished he looked straight up at the one who administered the shots and said with a furrowed brow and sternness in his voice, “Are you going to tell her you’re sorry?” He practically demanded her to oblige and (after she chuckled) she apologized to Vivian. That seemed to pacify him, and a shirt full of stickers later she was back on his good side.

Big Brother stuck up for Little Sister. So it begins.

As for Vivi, she is of course, fine and dandy.


Have great week that is smooth like butter.

The Banter Lady

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3 thoughts on “List of Seven on Sunday 4.6: BUTTER

  1. I’m glad to see I was helpful in providing some food for thought in regards to your writing! I forgot to reply back to your comment but I think taking your picture-less moments a step further is a great idea. I’d probably start out by compiling them in a separate document so then should you ever need ideas or want to rework on some things you’ve written before, it’ll be a lot easier and organized that way. On another note, I love opening new containers of spreadable things but as much as I like seeing them, I like eating them a lot more. 😉

    • That is a great idea about the doc. I am definitely going to do that. It will be much easier to find inspiration/ideas that way. Thank you.
      Glad I am not the only one who enjoys a fresh container of spreadable things!

  2. I think it is normal to have imaginary friends. Even though I don’t remember having any (unless you count the twin), Crystal definitely did. I remember her being upset one day when her imaginary friend hopped out the window and caught a cloud to Florida. I think you have to let kids be creative!

    I really want to watch Cool Runnings after watching the Olympics as well. It has been too long!

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